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Dana White Reveals How CM Punk’s First Opponent Will Be Determined

The wrestling and MMA worlds were shocked when CM Punk announced his intention to compete for UFC, signing a multi-fight deal. And while Punk recuperates from a leg injury which has delayed his first appearance inside the octagon, UFC’s Dana White has finally revealed how they plan to find Punk an opponent for his debut, and to make that decision, UFC will be…doing a reality show where all sorts of barely passable competitors try and score a big payday by being chosen to be Punk’s opponent in what will likely be a heavily-hyped fight.

It’s called “Dana White’s Looking For A Fight”, and the pilot episode is on YouTube right now, or you could just watch it right here:

The date of Punk’s first fight has not yet been announced, but White has guaranteed that he will compete at some point in 2016.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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