Cruiserweight Classic Participant Says WWE Tried To Ban Certain Moves During Tournament

Over the course of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, you might have noticed more than a few moves that don’t make regular appearances on regular WWE programming, including more than a few that are actually banned from use. Chief among them, of course was the first appearance of the Burning Hammer on WWE TV, but there were plenty of potentially concussion-causing, neck-breaking, risky moves beyond that. That would seem to go against WWE’s dedication to preventing concussions and neck injuries, a policy which has been place for well over a decade. One of the wrestlers who took part, Tyson Dux, recently spoke about the critically acclaimed tournament, and he had a few observations about the limitations of working with WWE instead of an independent promotion.

“We had agents. We had to deal with agents as well and plan it out. I know for me personally, I wanted to do a stalling Suplex from the second rope and they completely scrapped that. They said no way can you do that. For whatever reason, me and Zack were supposed to be 50/50 right up to the end and it was more of a showcase for Zack which is understandable, right? I get it. There weren’t major handcuffs put on, but they did want to steer the ship the way they want to steer it. So as we go along and get more progressive into it, they’re easing up on it. Tozawa is known for that snap German Suplex with a hold for the pin and they were adamant on saying no absolutely no head drops at all and when push came to shove, Tozawa did put Johnson directly on his bean for that snap German Suplex. It’s the same as anything. It’s wrestling politics. Either you kind of bite the bullet and ask for forgiveness later or you just do your stuff. I’m sure to God that Burning Hammer was not discussed. WWE doesn’t even let the Tombstone fly other than The Undertaker.”

It seems like a lot of what we saw in the Cruiserweight Classic was a case of “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission”, as well as some people backstage potentially realizing that giving the Cruiserweights a little extra rope would help get better reactions for the matches. Of course, WWE cracked down on dangerous moves for a reason, and while relaxing the restrictions for the CWC did lead to some incredible moves being performed, we wouldn’t be shocked if that policy got tightened up for the debut of the Cruiserweight division on Raw.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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