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Criminal Charges Filed Against Fan Who Entered The Ring On Raw

While the days where wrestlers would take matters into their own hands when fans jumped the barricades are long gone, due to potential legal complications, WWE is still in the business of making object lessons out of anyone dumb enough to try and become part of the show. Case in point, the fan who jumped into the ring on this week’s episode of Raw, getting far too close to Seth Rollins before being dragged away by security, is facing some serious legal problems as a result of his action. The man, Edward Ferrero, is now facing charges of criminal trespass and assault, not only for getting in the ring, but he also apparently bit a security guard while he was being removed from the arena (because why not make things even worse for you, we guess).

Ferrero will definitely be banned for life from WWE events, and very likely even the arena itself, thanks to his own stupidity. And that’s without factoring in all the entanglements he’ll now have as a part of his day-to-day life now that he’ll have a criminal record (because when there is video footage readily available of you breaking the law, you tend to get convicted pretty easily). Hopefully it was worth the two seconds he got to be in the ring near a WWE Superstar, but somehow, we don’t think it was.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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