Could WWE’s Next Big Project Be A Women’s Tournament?

Coming off the huge success of the Cruiserweight Classic, which became one of WWE Network’s most-watched shows and provided 10 weeks of some of the best wrestling ever seen, it looks like rumors that WWE might be looking to run a similar tournament for female wrestlers are gaining steam, with a possibility that such a thing could happen in early 2017. Similar to the Cruiserweight Classic, the plan would be to use contracted NXT women, as well as talents from independent organizations around the world, with WWE likely planning to use the event as an audition for new developmental talents (something the NXT Women’s Division could likely use, thanks to recent call-ups leaving the division fairly barren of fully trained wrestlers).

If WWE were to put together a 32-woman wrestling tournament, who would you want to see take part?

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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