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Concussion Lawsuits Against WWE Dismissed

It has been reported that a large number of the ongoing lawsuits filed against WWE by former employees, claiming that WWE mishandled their concussion-related injuries, have been dismissed. Three lawsuits were completely dismissed due to failing to prove that WWE was responsible for their claims under Connecticut law, or that WWE deliberately made false claims. Two more complex suits had all the concussion-related allegations, as well as accusations against former NXT head trainer Bill DeMott, removed due to the injuries claimed in the lawsuit not actually being suffered by the wrestlers filing those suits (although other parts of their lawsuits were allowed to continue). Several preemptive lawsuits by WWE against wrestlers who had sent letters intending to file were also dismissed, and WWE now has similar motions against the two remaining suits brought by the estates of deceased former wrestlers.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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