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Cody Rhodes Released From WWE, Issues Statement Source:

A bit of drama has hit WWE from an unlikely source, as Cody Rhodes, also known as Stardust, posted on social media that he had asked for his release from WWE, a release which was granted the day of the Extreme Rules Pay Per View. Following his release, Rhodes posted the following statement on Twitter:

In that statement, Cody is effusive in his praise for Vince McMahon and Triple H, but clearly has some issues with WWE Creative, especially the heads of the Raw and Smackdown writing teams, who apparently repeatedly ignored Rhodes’ input into his character (despite one of the tenets of WWE allegedly being that Superstars should “take charge” of their characters and theoretically earn commensurate pushes).

We’d like to wish the very best to Cody Rhodes, one heck of a wrestler and human being, who should have a bright future ahead of him (and who should have been used far, far better by WWE).

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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