Chris Hero Reportedly Returning To NXT

Independent star Chris Hero, who rose to fame alongside CM Punk in the early 2000’s and already has a stint with NXT under his belt, looks like he will be returning to WWE’s developmental system in the near future. The Wrestling Observer reports that Hero has signed a deal with the company, and is expected to report to NXT in the New Year. Hero, who wrestled under the name Kassius Ohno and is could resume that moniker on his return (though nothing is confirmed), had a decent first run in the early days of NXT, feuding and even wrestling with William Regal. According to some sources, he was originally tapped as the third member of The Shield, but was replaced by Roman Reigns. Hero left NXT in 2013, amidst speculation of issues with his conditioning, but only said publicly that he enjoyed his time there, and the door had been left open for a return in the future. With WWE reportedly in “sign everyone” mode, Hero, who has remained one of North America’s most recognizable indie stars since leaving NXT, would have been an obvious target for a new contract.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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