Cesaro Talks About All His Frustrations In WWE

One of WWE’s top international Superstars, Cesaro has had a rough go of it since coming to the company. While he has won multiple titles, the general feeling seems to be that the Swiss Superman isn’t being utilized in a way that maximizes his incredible wrestling ability and natural charisma. In fact, Cesaro was singled out by Vince McMahon during an episode of the Stone Cold Podcast last year for “missing something”, implying that there was some nebulous quality about Cesaro that was preventing him from ascending to the main event. Recently, Cesaro spoke to The Mirror about many things, including how he sees his career in WWE going so far. Here’s a few choice excerpts from that interview:

On how he’s been doing since returning from shoulder surgery:

“I wanted to be [world] champion by now, and I haven’t achieved that! The journey ahead seems still so long, but I’m happy I came back 100%, I didn’t come back 70% or something. I’m getting better every day. I’m just enjoying myself. Trying to approach it a little bit different. Just having more fun, especially in the ring, and letting the fans have fun with me together, from my new entrance to the whole thing I do.”

On his much-maligned entrance music:

“I do not like my current entrance music. I’ve kind of wished I could have a new one since I got this one. Maybe we will here some new Cesaro music soon. The entrance was 100% me. That’s what made the transition to the Swiss Superman. I asked for a little James Bond-esque entrance because I’m a big fan and that’s always been an inspiration to me. It just went from there. Little piece at a time, little piece at a time. Hopefully the new music will be sometime soon.”

On comments he made during the WWE Draft, relating them to new WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens:

“Kevin was drafted higher than me, and he was frustrated, so I’m even more frustrated than him. He’s had quite the run. If you look at it, he’s been in WWE for a little over two years. The things he achieved in a very short period of time – it might be unprecedented. As a fellow colleague of his, who’s been on the independents with him – I’ve known him for over 10 years – I’m very happy with his success. He definitely deserves it. For me it’s a little bit of a different road, but if there are mountains to climb, I think as a Swiss man you’re the proper mountaineer to do it. So that’s something I’m looking forward to.”

On Vince McMahon’s comments from the Stone Cold Podcast:

“Well right now I feel like I’m connecting pretty good. If you see the ‘Cesaro section’, when I go out there, it is definitely not silent, and I have a huge fan base all over the world. I think it’s if if people are willing to see that or they just prefer somebody else. It’s the same with that promo, it was on the Network, but that’s when I got the chance to talk. If you watch Raw and SmackDown, the guys who talk are a select few, and I’m working my way to get there. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. I’m the first one to always criticise myself and I’m trying to find ways to get better. If people say stuff like that, that I maybe not agree with, I’m doing my best and working my hardest to prove them wrong. I got hurt when I was starting to really take off. Now I feel like I have to start from scratch again, which I have to do so often. But it definitely felt like I was on a roll. And I’m still on a roll. It’s just definitely being in the right place at the right time or being the right person. It’s kind of hard sometimes, but I feel like if I’m consistently delivering, which is what I do, sooner or later it can’t be denied.”

With the status of Cesaro’s Best of Seven Series with Sheamus still up in the air after Clash of Champions, it will be interesting to see how the Swiss Superman’s WWE career proceeds in the very near future!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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