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Buff Bagwell Suing WWE For Unpaid Royalties

Thanks to the fact that pretty much nobody ever thought the WWE Network would be a thing, let alone massively profitable, a lot of old talent contracts are now being used as a reason for former WWE talents to try and get a piece of the pie. The latest attempt is by former WCW wrestler Buff Bagwell, who you may recall is considered one of the major reasons why the WCW Invasion angle stumbled out of the gate and whose WWE career lasted roughly two weeks as a result. However, Bagwell is claiming that, due to WWE essentially taking responsibility for his old WCW contract when they signed him in 2001, they now owe him royalties for use of his likeness on the WWE Network, specifically through the airing of old WCW TV shows and Pay Per Views.

Language does exist in Bagwell’s contract which mentions “technology not yet created” in reference to royalty sources, as it did in many other contracts at the time (current WWE contracts do not, however), which could give him an angle. Working against Bagwell is the fact that other wrestlers have tried similar lawsuits in the past, and none have been successful thus far. At best, he could be looking at a small settlement from WWE to get him to go away, but it’s very possible that this lawsuit, like several others, will get dismissed without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.

WWE has until November 9th to respond to the lawsuit, which is asking for a jury trial. At this point, they are fully expected to file a motion to dismiss.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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