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Brie Bella Confirms She’ll Be Retiring From WWE Soon

According to reports, there is a good chance that WWE Diva Brie Bella, who also stars in the E! Network show Total Divas, is seriously contemplating retiring from the ring, possibly as soon as WrestleMania. Brie’s husband, Daniel Bryan, retired from active competition last week after tests revealed that he could no longer be medically cleared to compete, and both Brie and Bryan have publicly expressed a desire to start a family together in the near future. In addition, Brie’s twin sister Nikki also could be looking at the end of her in-ring career following neck surgery a few weeks ago. There is no indication what such a retirement would mean for Brie and Bryan’s participation in Total Divas.

While nothing has been confirmed, with both her husband and sister no longer active participants in WWE, it would not be surprising to see Brie take the same path and leave the wrestling business behind.

UPDATE: During an interview on Good Morning America, Brie Bella confirmed that she plans to retire by the summer of 2016, which means she will be a part of WWE through WrestleMania, at the very least.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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