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Brie Bella Confirms Her Retirement

If you were watching Raw this week, during the ceremony for the presentation of the new WWE Women’s Championship, you might have noticed that Brie Bella, who wrestled the night before at WrestleMania and earned the victory for her team, was not present. Well, it turns out that Brie’s retirement started the minute she forced Naomi to tap out to the Yes Lock, a fact that she confirmed on social media. No, there will be no big announcement on, no in-ring speech where Brie thanks her fans, just a quiet departure following a nice WrestleMania moment. Also, her retirement will be one of the big story lines on the next season of Total Divas, as she will be remaining on that show for the foreseeable future.

Congratulations to Brie Bella for a successful WWE career, and best of luck to her in the future!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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