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Bray Wyatt May Have Been Injured On Smackdown

During the main event of Smackdown, in a match between Dolph Ziggler and Bray Wyatt, there was a moment after a rollup spot where Bray began thrashing in obvious pain, favoring his ankle. You can see a short clip of the injury here (the poster originally thought it was Wyatt’s back, later saying he’d looked away initially and missed the actual point where the injury happened).

Obviously, this could be a serious concern for Bray, who just returned from a calf injury a few weeks ago, and seeing any momentum he had gained since then lost to what looks like a freak accident would be a bad blow for him. Fortunately, the injury may not have been as serious as it looked, as Bray waved off the referee and finished the match, performing several signature moves along the way, and was active in the post-mean, so it may have been no more than a twisted ankle. WWE has been notoriously quiet when Wyatt Family members get injured (notice that we’re still not sure how Luke Harper is doing, although we’d suspect that he could be back soon, given how Smackdown ended), so it’s unlikely there will be any official updates on Bray’s condition.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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