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Bill Goldberg: CM Punk Should Not Get Another UFC Fight

Bill Goldberg is, for some reason, making the media rounds. We guess it’s probably to promote his appearance in the new WWE 2K17 game, because it’s not like he’s been doing much else lately. Regardless, like many others in the combat sports businesses of MMA and pro wrestling, the former WWE and WCW champion recently weighed in on CM Punk’s UFC debut. In case you hadn’t heard the news, Punk got beat down pretty badly and lost the fight in a little over two minutes, without landing a single punch.

In an interview with Submission Radio, Goldberg basically says that the UFC should never bother to have him back after the first experiment went so poorly.

“There’s no question [CM Punk] should not fight in the UFC. That would be blasphemy. It would be a slap in the face to all the guys who work their asses off to make it to prelims on FOX, on undercards and on the main event card. At the end of the day, from a promoter’s standpoint, from a competitor’s standpoint, from his standpoint, there’s no logic to him stepping in that octagon again.

“If he still has the passion for it and wants to train and compete, then yeah, lower-level shows are where he needs to be. Because at the end of the day, you know he’ll get ‘seat time’ That’s my analogy cause I like to race cars, but you know, the more “seat time” you get, the better you are at something. And, you know, I spent eight three-minute rounds this morning and though I didn’t go one-hundred percent and I didn’t kick, I just went hands, at the end of the day, every little bit helps you. So the more time he has at his new craft or his passion, then the better he’s going to get at it, the more comfortable he’ll be.”

Punk made a cool $500,000 for getting his butt whooped by 24-year old Mickey Gall, so we doubt he’s going to lose sleep over Goldberg’s comments. However, Dana White has also said that Punk’s next fight “probably won’t be in the UFC,” should he continue to seek out his MMA dream fulfillment.

The rest of Goldberg’s interview, which includes him talking about various MMA and WWE topics, can be heard right here:

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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