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Big Cass Catches Major Backstage Heat For Going Off Script

Big Cass recently returned from an eight month injury layoff, after tearing his ACL last year. He immediately began working a feud with Daniel Bryann, who also recently made a surprise return after “retiring” in 2016 due to numerous head injuries.

Last week, Cass brought a little person to the ring, who was dressed up as Bryan, in order to promote their match at Backlash. There is a sizable height difference between the two wrestlers, but many people still thought the segment was in poor taste. To make matters worse, Cass apparently went off script during the segment and is in major trouble backstage as a result.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Cass was supposed to hit one move (a big boot) and dump the tiny Bryan lookalike out of the ring. Instead, he proceeded to give a prolonged beatdown, despite being specifically told “no” by Vince McMahon when he asked permission prior to the segment.

Here’s the edited YouTube version on the WWE’s channel:

That version doesn’t show the multiple punches that Cass hit after the boot. A few days later, Big Cass lost to Daniel Bryan at Backlash and then didn’t appear at all on SmackDown Live this week. He’ll have to tread carefully for the next little while, in order to avoid any more punishment.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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