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Batista Thinks Titus O’Neil Should Ask WWE For His Release After Being Suspended

On a night that will always be remembered for Daniel Bryan’s memorable retirement speech, it will forever have an interesting footnote — the suspension of Titus O’Neil.

O’Neil was seen briefly on camera at the end of Monday Night Raw grabbing owner Vince McMahon and playfully jostling with him. It was an awkward moment in the middle of what should have been a somber and classy moment, as Bryan has just announced he was hanging up the wrestling boots due to a series of major concussions suffered in his career. McMahon was reportedly furious with O’Neil’s actions and suspended him 90-days, which was later reduced to 60-days.

Former WWE champion Dave Batista, who is no stranger to disciplinary problems with the WWE, took to Twitter on Wednesday to offer O’Neil some advice.

Batista was once fined $100,000 for bleeding during a steel cage match on Raw, an incident that he says was a big part of him choosing to leave the WWE for good. Now he’s recommending O’Neil attempt to cut ties with the company that made him famous.

It’s easy for Batista to recommend that, since he’s become a fairly successful movie star. We’re not sure what Titus O’Neil’s real-world skills consist of, but he certainly looks the part of an action star. O’Neil is also 38-years old. Perhaps a career change would be in his best interest at some point in the near-future. He’ll have 60 days to think about it, at least.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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