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Batista Reveals If He Will Ever Return To WWE

While doing promotional work for the newest addition to the James Bond franchise, Spectre, former multiple-time World Champion Batista (who has a supporting role in the film) talked about his time in WWE. After his breakout role as Drax the Destroyer in last summer’s surprise hit Guardians of the Galaxy, and his return to WWE earlier that year seen as being handled extremely poorly, there has been speculation that Batista had decided to leave wrestling forever to focus on being a Hollywood star. During this interview, he discusses several wrestling-related topics, including whether or not he’d be open to ever wrestling again in the future.

Here’s the text version of Batista’s answer about his WWE future, for those who don’t have time to watch the whole interview:

“Oh yeah. At the end of the day I love WWE and I’ve proven that I wouldn’t wrestle anywhere else. I feel like wrestling anywhere else would be a step down. I love the company and I will always be appreciative for what they’ve done for me. I would love to go back, they’re just really hard to deal with and also right now my passion is acting and I’m pursuing it. But if the opportunity comes up and they were a little more flexible with me as far as creative, I’d love to. But also, I would do it in a heartbeat and I don’t want big money, I don’t want a limited schedule, if they would allow me to go back and just do house shows I’d be all over it. Because then you just skip all of the red tape and you don’t have to deal with the writers and all that bullsh*t. And my thing is wrestling. Wrestlers. Audience. Ring. That’s all I want.”

Could we see Batista back in the squared circle sooner rather than later? Only time will tell!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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