Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson Offers New Thoughts On His Legendary “Practice” Rant

“Man, we takin’ bout practice!”

In the world of internet memes and Twitter LOLs, it’s almost tragic that the memory of one the greatest point guards in NBA history is overshadowed by that one thing he did that one time. But the “practice” rant by former Philadelphia 76er Allen Iverson will go down as one of the most memorable — and bizarre — soundbites of all-time.

Iverson was taking questions on the weekend before a charity basketball game that he was hosting, and someone dared to ask him if he still felt the same way about practice (if for some reason you haven’t seen the original clip, here’s a spoiler alert: he’s not fond of practice).

Turns out that Iverson did practice. A lot, actually. Here are his comments.

In case you missed any of that, here’s the transcript from the recent Hall of Fame inductee:

“Obviously you didn’t get it. Obviously you didn’t get it when I explained it, man. I thought I cleared that up. I didn’t think I’d ever get that question again. See, you might have not seen the documentary, so I’ll give you that. I’m just gonna hope you didn’t see it. You just heard me say I was the MVP. That’s the best player in the whole world. You think I can be the MVP without practicing? That’d be a bad motherf*cker”

Makes sense, really. You don’t just accidently become the league MVP. It takes practice.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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