Alberto Del Rio Says ‘Total Divas’ Can’t Use His Image

If you’re a follower of Total Divas, the ridiculous show on E! Network which pretends to actually be about the real lives of WWE’s female wrestlers while being obviously totally scripted (but it’s okay because it’s also hilarious), you might know that one of the big selling points for the current season, which debuted recently, is that it has been advertising that it will include coverage of Paige’s relationship with her boyfriend, recently departed WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. You may also recall that Del Rio and Paige’s relationship has been at the center of a firestorm of controversy for months, highlighted by them both receiving Wellness suspensions at the same time, Del Rio exercising an “out” clause in his contract to leave WWE entirely, Paige getting a second Wellness violation before she even returned to TV after serving her first one, and an ongoing battle over Paige’s recent neck surgery. Sound like perfect fodder for reality TV? You are correct, but according to a recent interview with the man formerly known as Alberto Del Rio, because he’s no longer an employee of WWE, Total Divas does not legally have the right to show him or use any audio of his voice on their show.

On one hand, that’s going to make talking about Paige’s relationship on the show really, really awkward. On the other hand, that thing we just said, only in that really excited tone of voice that happens when we realize we’re going to get to watch an incredible trainwreck of editing, vague references to “Paige’s boyfriend”, and maybe even those mosaics they use to hide people’s identities! This could be the thing that actually gets us to watch Total Divas!

Probably not, though.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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