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Alberto Del Rio Says League Of Nations Will Disband

While doing promotional work in Spain during WWE’s recent tour through Europe and the Middle East, Alberto Del Rio may have let it slip that the League of Nations, a faction formed by Del Rio, Sheamus, Rusev, and King Barrett (who was kicked out of the group a couple of weeks ago), will be disbanding as early as this week’s Raw. Del Rio reportedly said that the League was mostly formed for WrestleMania, and while there were plans for a feud between the League and the Wyatt Family post-Mania, injuries to Wyatt Family members Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper have essentially put an end to that.

At this point, it is expected that Del Rio, Rusev, and Sheamus will leave the massively unsuccessful League of Nations behind and resume their roles as singles wrestlers. Personally, we hope there’s an actual break-up angle planned, so Rusev can turn face and start using allowing some of the incredible comedy skills he shows on social media to shine through into his on-screen character. But maybe that’s just us.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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