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Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Involved In Backstage Altercation In Mexico

The last few months have been chaotic for former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio and his girlfriend, current (for now) WWE Superstar Paige, and this weekend another chapter was added to the expanding book of their wild exploits. According to reports, Del Rio and Paige were backstage at a wrestling event in Mexico and ended up in a physical altercation with one of the wrestlers. Details are sketchy, but allegedly the fight may have started over the wrestler touching Paige or Del Rio somehow, and there is the possibility that alcohol may have played a part in the fight escalating. The fight reportedly involved Del Rio essentially beating up the smaller luchador, and apparently spilled out of the locker room and was witnessed by many fans, something which has angered the owners of the wrestling promotion.

Coincidentally, Paige’s 60-day suspension for her second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy, which came only days after she finished serving her 30-day suspension for her first violation, ended this weekend. There are rumors she’s expected back on the road with WWE in a non-wrestling role while recovering from neck surgery that she had while suspended, but obviously that is not yet the case.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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