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Alberto Del Rio Removed From All Future WWE Appearances

This likely comes as no surprise after his Wellness suspension and the rumors that he had an “out” clause in his contract, but it looks like Alberto Del Rio’s second run in WWE has come to a close. The Mexican Aristocrat has been removed from all scheduled appearances for WWE, even after his suspension ends at the beginning of September. This would seem to be a strong indicator that Del Rio will more than likely sit out the rest of his contract without appearing on WWE TV, his final appearance a loss to John Cena on the Smackdown before SummerSlam.

If this is the end, Del Rio’s second tour of duty in WWE can only be considered a massive failure, as he won the United States title from John Cena in his first match back, then everything went downhill almost immediately. Del Rio became a victim of terrible booking, first with the horrible “MexAmerica” angle with Zeb Colter, then the League of Nations stable, which was notable only for how many matches they lost. During that time, Del Rio’s motivation visibly disappeared, with many accusations of him “sleepwalking” through matches. Del Rio was also the subject of controversy when he entered a public relationship with Paige, who is roughly fifteen years his junior, and was reportedly upset that they were drafted to separate brands in the Draft. Things only got worse for Del Rio and Paige when both were suspended for Wellness Policy violations just before SummerSlam.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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