Adam Rose Might Be Returning To WWE

After a rough few months in which he was suspended for violating the Wellness Policy, took to social media to try and clear his name, was arrested for domestic violence against his wife (those charges were later dropped after his wife testified on his behalf), and was released from WWE by his own request, it appears as if Adam Rose might be trying to give it another shot, after posting the following on Twitter:

https://twitter.com/Aegis_Rose/status/788919732648960003 Source: Twitter.com

Something big is coming! This party is gonna blow the roof off! #YouCantHangWithAdam #AdamRose #WWE

Rose hasn’t done much of note since being released back in May (most notably, he hasn’t publicly bad-mouthed WWE, the usual practice of former Superstars), and with WWE always on the lookout for recognizable talent to fill out the rosters in the wake of the brand split, it’s likely that he could find a role, and perhaps a new life, on either Raw or Smackdown (we’d vote for Smackdown). Of course, this is all speculation and a teasing social media post for now, but we’d like to see what a returning Rose could do with a few tweaks on his old character.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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