81-Year Grandmother Crushes Beer Mile, Says Scotch Would Have Made Her Faster

For those of you aren’t aware, or couldn’t figure it out from the name, the Beer Mile is competition that combines running and drinking. Runners must must chug a beer before the race starts, and then down three more beers at every quarter-mile mark until they finish.

Elvira “Vera” Montes is an 81-year old grandmother from El Paso, Texas. She recently became the oldest person to ever compete in the FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships in Austin. Not only did she finish with a time of 20 minutes and 24 seconds, she actually beat her 47-year old daughter Renee by almost a whole minute.

“I’m not a big beer drinker,” Montes told the El Paso Times. “I like beer when the weather is real hot and there’s nothing else to drink. I’m really a scotch drinker, Chivas if it’s available. If it was scotch we were drinking instead of beer, I would have run a lot faster.”

“I should have been a little faster,” Montes told Runner’s World magazine, disappointed in her chugging performance. “I tried to drink the first one really fast but I couldn’t. The second one went down really smooth; the third, even better. The fourth was alright.”

So what prompted an 81-year old to participate in an event that you would expect to be filled with college kids?

“I don’t have any secrets, I just wanted to prove to my daughter that I could run and drink beer,” Montes said.

They celebrated finishing the race by going to Hooters together, where they dined on chicken wings and scotch.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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