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8 WWE Superstars Who Could Win The 2016 Royal Rumble Source:

The Royal Rumble is just about a month away as WWE enters the always exciting Wrestlemania season. Roman Reigns is the current champion and it looks like he’ll be remaining that way until Wrestlemania. And so, we take a look at eight contenders who can win the Royal Rumble, potentially facing The Powerhouse at Wrestlemania 32. Let us know who you think will win in the comments!

8. Samoa Joe

This would be a real surprise and something WWE haven’t really done at all. Samoa Joe is a wrestling legend and one of the best wrestlers in the world, especially based on his TNA work. Currently in NXT, it’s only a matter of time until he’s called up to WWE, and the Royal Rumble would be one heck of a way to introduce him.

Joe definitely has the credentials to be a main eventer and is one of the few figures who may actually be able to go head to head with Brock Lesnar. However, this is still a long shot as well as a huge risk without introducing Samoa Joe properly into the WWE fold. Source:

7. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has been injury-free for a while now, but the WWE doctors have still not cleared him. Conspiracists believe that he’s been kept off because his presence would deter Roman Reigns’ chances of getting over with the crowd while others believe the WWE just don’t want to take a risk with Bryan after he was injured twice in the last two years following Wrestlemania.

It’s unlikely then, but it still *might* be possible that Bryan is lined up for a return at the Royal Rumble and a win would be some comeback. Going on to face Reigns at Wrestlemania would also be somewhat poetic after the events of the Rumble last year and their match at Fastlane. However, don’t hold your breath in anticipation of another “YES!” movement. Source:

6. Kevin Owens

Currently in a feud with Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler over the Intercontinental Championship, Kevin Owens is likely to participate in a triple threat match at the Royal Rumble. That doesn’t stop him from entering the Rumble though, and it’d be better for him if he ended up losing so he could actually win the Rumble.

It might seem like it’s too soon but clearly WWE are high on Owens—especially Triple H—and that’s been clear to see, given how he won his debut match against John Cena as well as winning an Intercontinental championship so early in his career. Owens can only go up and a feud with Roman Reigns could elevate him even higher, especially as a heel. Of course, this might be a year or two early still. Source:

5. Triple H

The COO of the company winning the Royal Rumble certainly isn’t ideal, but let’s face it—if it happened, you’d still somewhat expect it. It’s Triple H after all and he must go over! In all seriousness though, the signs point to a Roman Reigns vs. Triple H match at some point in the next few months.

Ideally, it won’t be at Wrestlemania, and instead at the Royal Rumble or at Fastlane, but there is a niggling feeling that Triple H will somehow enter the Rumble and end up winning it. It’s a smart way to keep Roman over as no one wants to see The Game win another title, but it would also be an underwhelming main event at Wrestlemania. Not that the WWE creative team aren’t accustomed to underwhelming, but still. Source:

4. Bray Wyatt

The leader of the Wyatt family desperately needs to win a major feud, match…anything at this point. After failing against Roman Reigns and the Brothers of Destruction in recent months, it’s been pretty hard to take Wyatt seriously.

Wyatt risks becoming stale if he doesn’t remain a threat—after all, it’s one thing to say you’re the demon or that the apocalypse is coming but you have to back it up as well. He impressed in the Rumble last year, however, and a win this year would do wonders for the Eater of Worlds, as Wyatt would no doubt make a great heel champion.

An added bonus is he can continue his feud with Roman Reigns, which would make for great storytelling. Lastly, interestingly enough, Wyatt tweeted “At the Rumble, we take everything”—maybe Wyatt will also be taken seriously with a Rumble victory? Source:

3. Dean Ambrose

Despite how over he is with the fans, Dean Ambrose definitely got the short end of the stick since the destruction of The Shield. The only ex-member not to win the WWE world heavyweight championship, while he did challenge Rollins on numerous occasions and failed, he did end up beating Kevin Owens to win the Intercontinental title at TLC.

Like Kevin Owens, no matter what the result of a potential triple threat match with Dolph Ziggler will be, Ambrose can still participate in the Rumble. And while a win seemed unlikely a few months ago, it very well could be possible for the Lunatic Fringe as things stand.

With Randy Orton and Seth Rollins injured, Ambrose needs to take the ball and run with it. He certainly showed he could be the company’s next babyface, especially through the crowd’s reaction when everyone thought he beat Rollins at Elimination Chamber. And a Rumble win would not only push Ambrose to main event status, but it could set up an interesting storyline with his “brother” Roman Reigns, possibly leading to a heel turn for one of them. Whether you like Ambrose or not, you have to admit this has potential. Source:

2. John Cena

Ah, John Cena. Now an “upper midcarder,” Cena has only challenged for the WWE world heavyweight championship once since last year’s Royal Rumble. It’s only fitting for him to come back from his mini hiatus and win the Rumble for the third time, joining prestigious company in Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In search of the 16th title win to equal Ric Flair’s record, Cena is highly unlikely to retire without breaking the record, so the sooner he does it, the better. But if he does win the Rumble, he’d face off against Reigns—the face of the company against the future face of the company.

According to reports, WWE’s long-term plans were to have these two face off in a passing of the torch match which would mean Cena losing to Reigns…most likely cleanly at a Wrestlemania. That would definitely be some match, and if Cena is going to Wrestlemania and Reigns is still over by then, it could also implicate a much-awaited heel turn for the former doctor of thuganomics in the process. Whatever happens, things might finally be interesting for a change if Cena wins another Rumble. Source:

1. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar seems to be the ideal candidate for a 2016 Royal Rumble winner. After ending his feud with the Undertaker at Hell in a Cell, the Beast—who coincidentally returns on RAW in January—will want to reclaim his WWE World Heavyweight Championship that he was never pinned for. It would hence make utmost sense for him to win the Rumble and go on to face the current champion, Roman Reigns, and “end what they started.”

Their match at Wrestlemania, even before the Seth Rollins cash-in, was one to remember, and a rematch was definitely expected in the future but it looks like it’ll be just one year after Wrestlemania 31. But who will prevail? It is likely to be Roman, in an attempt to truly establish himself as “the guy.” Let’s just hope WWE do this match justice and get the booking done right if it comes to pass. Source: