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Let’s all collectively inhale, and let out a long, sigh of struggle and sadness. The 2015-16 football season has come to an end. It’s always helpful when the NCAA National Championship and NFL Playoffs are full of excitement. It allows the buzz to last longer than a bottle of 136 Proof, Booker’s Bourbon, alas, the football high often leaves fans with a lengthy hangover, and subsequent depression. We’re gonna help you avoid that depression, and at least limp you along to the 2016 NFL Draft, taking place April 28-30. Here are eight great ways to avoid post-football depression.

8. Analyze Your Fantasy Faux Pas

Do you play fantasy football? Are you a fantasy fiend? Year round? Daily? Analyzing your 2015/16 plays will help to wean you from the season, and identify where you went right, or where you went wrong. Was it a roller coaster ride? What were the variables? Did you stink it up in your fantasy league again? It’s time to start asking those tough questions: are you picking players with your heart or head? Did players under perform? Perform beyond expectation? We’re not going to pretend like fantasy isn’t a huge industry, where millions are exchanged weekly. If you won big, congratulations. If you lost your kid’s college fund, you need to get him. Analyzing your past season will help you more easily deal with the present world… the one without football. This sport season has it wired, doesn’t it? Always leaves us wanting more. Via

7. Start Training for OTAs

Do you live and die with your team’s success and failure? Then get your butt off the couch, and start putting in work to give them some mojo for the 2016 off-season. Yes. We’re suggesting you pass on the weekly case of Bud Light, and develop a new regimen at the gym. Believe it or not, you might even afford some decent personal training if you cut out the booze, and junk food. (Sure, give yourself a cheat day.) Bottom line, put your money where your mouth is. You want a Super Bowl? Get to work–see what these “sucky” players do in order to prep for each and every season. If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, you’ve really got your work cut out of you this off-season, so you best grab a good friend to serve as an accountability partner. Via

6. Take Up a New Hobby

There are like… an infinite amount of activities you have probably never tried. We live in an age where you can literally learn to do anything at a price that is relatively affordable, or take up an activity that has always held some interest. Do you know how to cook something that doesn’t come from a box? Do you know how to weld? Work on cars? Build a motorcycle? That last option is perfect for harsh winter climates, because you could be finished just about the time the weather is warming for a ride. How about learning a foreign language? Chances are, there is something you’ve always wanted to try, and this is the perfect time to try it. Your Saturdays and Sundays are free. What are you waiting for? Miss the beer and pizza? Take up 10 pin bowling! Via

5. Deep Clean Your Domicile

Let’s strip this commentary down to its brass tacks, shall we? If you’re a bachelor, and a football fan, there’s a good chance your place is as stank as it has been over the past 12 months. One way to avoid a post-football depression–which we all know is very real–is to sweep away the depressive nature of your home. Brighten that joint up. Open the blinds and curtains. Light a candle. Bust out the Swiffer, the vacuum cleaner, the Lemon Pledge, pull the covers off of any furniture padding and take them in to be professionally cleaned. (No, it’s not expensive to have that done). And for the love of all you might consider holy, wash your sheets. If you’re laughing, or eyeing this post with a furrowed brow… YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW! Dudes with life partners, live-in partners, or spouses…? It’s time to chip in. Via

4. Start a Side Business

Here’s the deal about football season coming to an end. You’ll likely have an extra 10-15 hours in your week. Instead of allowing those hours to become periods of lamentation, how about getting your hands dirty in the working world, and starting something you’ve always been interested in? Again, we live in an age where all of this is possible. Collaborate with some people. Venture on your own. Enjoy the brainstorming process. Make a few simple goals, e.g. seeing your favorite team play more games next season, affording season tickets, or if you’re out of market, affording NFL Sunday Ticket. When you engage with your passion you’ll find that the “what am I gonna do on Sunday afternoon” blues will quickly become reds, oranges and yellows… you get that color analogy, right? Worth mentioning: have a read of Richard Branson’s Screw Business as Usual. Via

3. Take Your Vacation

The summer months generally serve as the big vacation months due to school schedules, but for many people, kids aren’t part of the equation. So… why not take your vacation during the winter months to a warmer destination? It will greatly break up the monotony of the winter months, and it will keep you from whining about how much the Celtics and Red Sox suck, and how you miss precious Tommy Brady throwing all those touchdown passes to Rob Gronkowski. (Sorry, Boston area fans, it’s just an example.) Get out of town! And the benefit of taking a winter vacation? You get the best rates at all the vacation destinations! Better prices on flights, rooms, activities… you name it. And if you love alpine sports, the mountains north of Los Angeles have been hammered with snow. Ride the snow in the morning, and surf in the afternoon. Via

2. Start Studying NCAA Hoops for March Madness

Did you know: The two busiest weekends in Las Vegas annually: the first weekend of NCAA March Madness, and NFL opening weekend. After the Super Bowl, it’s really only a month until things start heating up in college basketball. Conference tournaments begin the second week of March, and by the third…? It’s bracket time. If you’re the hardest core of hardcore sports junkies, you’ve got a month to start figuring out who people are for college basketball fantasy contests, and which teams have the best chance at making a run to win it all, so you might take the top prize in your office pool. If you’re really feelin’ the NCAA vibe, you might even knock the dust off your kicks, find the nearest open gym and enjoy a little shoot around. A word to the wise, if you’ve been a homebody since September, take it easy. Via

1. Come Back to Life for Your Football Widow

Some fellas have football season mastered: they’ve either scored a sweet girl who already loved football, or they converted their sweet girl to loving football. Or… and this may be the top prize… they may have scored a girl who loves that you love football, and enjoys that it offers both of you some “personal time.” Either way, if your sweet lady has been a true sweetheart for weeks, and allowed you to enjoy the Super Bowl in relative peace, you owe her… big time! Remind her she is not a widow. Reward her immediately by spending some time doing something she loves to do. Ya dig? And let her know how much you appreciate the love and understanding during football season. Does anyone believe that it’s a coincidence that the Super Bowl is the week before Valentine’s Day in the contemporary football era? Via
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