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7 Lesser Known Facts About The Undertaker Source: FanBuzz

Since making his debut in the WWF back in 1990 as Ted DiBiase’s mystery partner, the Undertaker has evolved into one of WWE’s greatest wrestlers and performers, a position he’s held for over two decades now. As his career inevitably winds to an end, fans relish every chance they have to watch the Taker compete one last time.

In honor of the Undertaker’s outstanding career, we thought it would be fun to highlight seven fun things you may not know about ‘Lord of Darkness’!

7. He Hates Cucumbers

How about that? Undoubtedly the scariest character in wrestling has a phobia of a vegetable. According to the late Paul Bearer, the Undertaker can’t even look at a cucumber. When Bearer was trying to get back at the Deadman for a prank, he put cucumbers in his hat. When the Undertaker saw it, he freaked out and eventually puked.

“I guess his mother made him eat them or something when he didn’t want to eat them and he just hates cucumbers,” said Bearer.

6. He got second-degree burns from his own pyro but still wrestled

In the Elimination Chamber match in 2010, during his entrance, Undertaker was legitimately burned by his own pyro explosion, causing second-degree burns.

Despite this, Undertaker stayed true to his character and wrestled for nearly 30 minutes and declined to change the Walls of Jericho spot by Chris Jericho.

5. Vince McMahon, Stone Cold, and others have tried to get him to break character.

What makes Undertaker so great is the fact that he truly lives his role as the Deadman. That means he acts extremely serious almost always and never breaks character while on camera. Because of this, it has been the goals of many people like Vince McMahon, Stone Cold, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels to try and get him to laugh.

On the Legends with JBL show (which can be seen on the WWE Network), Austin, Triple H and HBK have all talked about trying to get the Taker to break character, but none of them ever made it happen.

He did break character (after RAW went off the air) when Ric Flair retired in 2008.

4. He once nearly choked out Kurt Angle.

According to Kurt Angle’s autobiography, Vince McMahon once jumped him backstage at a show, just for some laughs. Angle didn’t forget. Later on a WWE flight, Angle tried to get some playful revenge against Vince. The two started wrestling and it woke up a sleeping Undertaker, who thought Vince was under serious attack.

The Deadman proceeded to choke Angle out, according to Steve Austin. Angle barely had air in his lungs to tell Taker that it was just for fun. Via

3. Paul Heyman Once Managed Him.

Over the years, it seems that Paul Heyman has always been up against the Undertaker in one way or another, whether it was WCW/ECW vs WWE or when he managed Brock Lesnar, Big Show, or CM Punk against the Deadman.

However, it’s interesting to note that Heyman also managed Undertaker in WCW when he was known as Mean Mark, who weirdly had a fondness for pet snakes and the music of Ozzy Osbourne. Via Tumblr

2. He has never competed at WrestleMania as WWE Champion.

When the undefeated WrestleMania streak was still intact, this actually made sense. It would somewhat take away from any fan excitement if everyone knew the Undertaker wouldn’t lose the WWE championship. Still, it’s interesting to think that in 23 different WrestleManias, many of them main events, the Undertaker has never gone in as the champion.

He did, however, win the world title in three different WrestleManias — against Psycho Sid, Batista, and Edge. Via Reddit

1. As of now, he has wrestled in 2274 WWE matches

With so many years of service to the company (plus his early days in WCW), it’s not surprising that the Undertaker has wrestled over 2,000 matches in the space of a quarter of a century.

But that’s not the only impressive thing — his record is 1,717-466, giving him a win percentage of 75.5%. Even when winners and losers are predetermined, that’s a testament to how great the Taker has been over the years.