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51 Former Wrestlers Suing WWE Over Brain Injuries

A new class-action lawsuit has been filed against WWE by a cavalcade of wrestlers from the past (of varying degrees of fame), including Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, who was recently determined mentally unfit to stand trial in his recent murder case, over brain-related injuries they may have suffered while working for WWE at one time or another. WWE is being accused of deliberately hiding information that could have reduced the severity of their assorted infirmities. For their part, WWE has issued a statement which point out that this suit was filed by the same lawyer who recently had two similar concussion lawsuits against WWE thrown out due to “patently false allegations about WWE”, and closes by saying that they are “confident this lawsuit will suffer the same fate as his prior attempts and be dismissed”.

Here’s the full list of wrestlers named in the class action suit. See how many you recognize!

Road Warrior Animal
Jimmy Snuka
“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff
Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Chavo Guerrero Sr
Adam Bomb
Ahmed Johnson
Earl and Dave Hebner
King Kong Bundy
Ken Patera
The Berzerker
Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli
Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell
Sue Green
King Kong Mosca
Jim Powers
Mike Enos
“The Natural” Butch Reed
Sylvain Grenier
Omar Atlas
Don Leo Jonathan
Shane Douglas
Muhammad Hassan
Henry O. Godwinn
Princess Victoria
Judy Martin
Mark Jindrak
The Estate of Axl Rotten
Marty Jannetty
Jon Heidenreich
The Warlord,
The Barbarian
The Crippler
Bobbi Billiard
Rex King
Freddie Joe Floyd
Black Bart
The Reverend Slick
One Man Gang/Akeem
Jimmy Jack Funk
Lou Marconi
Rod Price
Donald Driggers
Rodney Mack
Outlaw Ron Bass
Boris Zhukov

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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