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To the delight of many people who still remember the Attitude Era, one of the most prominent teams of that era, The Dudley Boyz (yes, with a “z”) returned on Monday Night Raw last week. The Brooklyn crowd went nuts, seeing two old favourites make a return to WWE after being gone for over 10 years. But ten years is actually a really long time. John Cena’s career basically rose, peaked, and turned him into the most polarizing figure in history in the entire span of time that The Dudley Boyz have been gone from WWE (Cena actually debuted in 2002, but his first WWE Title win was in 2005, the same year The Dudleyz left). A large portion of the fan base probably only vaguely remembers them, if at all. Don’t misunderstand, they’ll still have lots of fans, but for those who weren’t into wrestling when the Attitude Era was a thing, first of all, thanks for making the rest of us feel really old. But also, here’s a quick recap about why you should be excited to see The Dudley Boyz back in WWE.

The Origin Story

The Dudley Boyz gimmick traces its roots back to a simple comedy stable in Extreme Championship Wrestling, a small independent promotion based in Philadelphia (owned and operated by some guy named Paul Heyman, whom you might recognize) that was incredibly influential on both WWE and WCW. Much of what would become the Attitude Era owes a great deal to the hardcore style that was pioneered in ECW. At any rate, the story of the Dudleyz is that they were all the illegitimate children of a travelling salesman who had found each other and become wrestlers. At some point, D’von joined the family, bringing with him a harder edge that turned them from jokes into the most hated men in the company.

After ECW began to collapse under the the looming threat of bankruptcy, WWE signed Bubba Ray and D’von, who brought their act straight into WWE. It was not an instant success. Many of the incredible heel promos that The Dudleyz delivered in ECW were considered far too obscene for a televised wrestling promotion, even during the Attitude Era. Instead, Bubba adopted the stuttering gimmick that he’d used as part of the original comedy gimmick, which may have been humorous, but it was not something that legitimate, top-tier teams are made of. Even their tie-dyed wrestling gear looked decidedly minor-league, seemingly dooming them to afterthoughts in WWE. Source:

D’Von, Get The Tables!

All that changed when The Dudley Boyz added tables to their act.  In a more hardcore Attitude Era, foreign object use became far more permissive, and The Dudleyz took full advantage. Now dressed in threatening camouflage gear, they began a crusade (one which would never be allowed in the modern WWE) where they threatened to put the women of WWE through tables. And in fact, that’s exactly what they would do, cementing themselves as despicable, evil heels who took pleasure in the suffering of women. Then, in one of the most memorable and craziest acts of the Attitude Era, they powerbombed 76-year-old (at the time) wrestling legend Mae Young off the stage set and through a table (Mae, being the toughest senior citizen in the history of the planet, not only survived, but went on to become the only 80-year old to ever wrestle an actual match). Source:

Eventually, they moved on from attacking women to putting their opponents through tables in unique and exciting ways, and as a result, the crowd got behind them as good guys. Well, relatively good. They won their first WWE Tag Team titles from established veterans The New Age Outlaws at the No Way Out PPV in 2000, and the stage was set for what would become the true launching pad for their careers. Source:

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, Oh My!

Officially, the very first match between the teams of Edge & Christian, The Hardy Boyz (yes, again, with a “z”), and The Dudley Boyz, which took place at WrestleMania 2000, was just a ladder match. However, with the Dudleyz involved, tables came into play quickly, and the result was an instant classic. The dynamic for the WWE tag division was established between these three teams, and they would go on to top their first major encounter at SummerSlam 2000, with the very first TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) match, and then again at WrestleMania X-7, with TLC II. All three of these matches set a standard for ridiculous, over-the-top hardcore matches full of high risk and high impact maneuvers, and all should be required viewing for any wrestling fan. Source:

3D – The Dudley Death Drop

Another thing that sets The Dudley Boyz apart from other tag teams is that they are a team. Certainly, there have been attempts by both to move on to singles careers, to varying degrees of success, but in the end, they always seem to work better together. And as a true tag team, over the years they have amassed some truly impressive signature double-team maneuvers. Most notable among these has to be their finisher, the Dudley Death Drop, also known as “3D”. It requires perfect timing and teamwork to pull off correctly, the kind that you can only get between two people who have been paired together for a very long time. Above all else, when the Dudleyz hit 3D, the crowd knows that this match is over. In their entire career, the move has only failed to finish a match twice, and one of those led to the team breaking up temporarily due to fears that they were no longer good enough. Also, it’s pretty effective for putting somebody through a table, as Xavier Woods discovered last Monday night. Source:


The Most Decorated Tag Team In The World

Armed with a deadly arsenal of both wrestling moves and tables, The Dudley Boyz have absolutely rampaged through every wrestling company they’ve been a part of. They have held championships in every major wrestling federation around the world, and are the only tag team in history to have held the WWE, WCW, NWA, IWGP, and ECW Tag Team Championships. In total, the team has held tag team gold an astonishing 24 different times, making them by far the most successful tag team in the history of professional wrestling and setting a mark that will likely never be equaled. To put it simply, they are quite possibly the greatest tag team in the world, and that is why younger wrestling fans should be very, very happy that The Dudley Boyz have finally returned to WWE. Source:
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