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2016 Royal Rumble Statistics

Here’s some quick Royal Rumble statistics for the match, which featured Triple H winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title and becoming a 14-time World Champion.

Triple H becomes the third person to enter the Rumble as the thirtieth participant and win. The previous two were The Undertaker in 2007 and John Cena in 2008. The 27th spot remains the “luckiest” Rumble number, with 4 winners entering at that position.

Iron Man Award

1. Roman Reigns (59:50)
2. Chris Jericho (50:50)
3. Dean Ambrose (29:36)
4. AJ Styles (27:53)
5. Luke Harper (23:40)

It should be noted, of course, that Roman Reigns spent at least half the match (from roughly the 14th to the 29th entrant) in the back, not actively participating.

The shortest time in the match belongs to Jack Swagger, who only survived 15 seconds. Next-worst was Mark Henry, at 30 seconds. Ironically, both men won their spots in the Rumble by winning a Fatal Four-way tag team match on the pre-show earlier in the evening.

Despite spending over 50 minutes in the ring, Chris Jericho only eliminated one other entrant (Kofi Kingston), and the elimination was actually completely missed by the live cameras!

While he entered last, Triple H did not manage to break Edge’s record for shortest time for the winner of a Rumble match, lasting 8:05. In 2010, Edge entered 29th and won in only 7:19.

Number of Eliminations

1. Roman Reigns: 5
2. Braun Strowman: 5
3. Luke Harper: 4
4. Brock Lesnar: 4
5. Triple H: 4

For only the third time in history, nobody eliminated more than 5 competitors. The other years that this occurred were 2005 and 2013.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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