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Watching sports can sometimes feel like peering into a cartoon world. The sporting world is filled with many wacky, hilarious, and bizarre characters, as well as plenty of heroes and villains too. The similarities do not stop at the characteristics of individuals however, as throughout sports there are many pro athletes who even look like famous cartoon characters. This could be because of the way they move, a similar distinctive feature, a particular expression, a general likeness, or it may seem that they have been separated at birth and are now living in two different worlds.

12. John Daly & Barney Rubble

You won’t find many professional golfers more primal and caveman-esque than John Daly, who is famous for his rough and tumble lifestyle and scruffy appearance. He also shares a likeness to Fred Flintstone’s best friend and neighbor, Barney Rubble. Both have short, blond hair, a prominent nose, a similar face shape and a thick frame (although Daly was much larger prior to his lap-band surgery in 2009). Over the years, Daly has also been famous for his non-country club appearance and strange choice in clothes, and you could certainly see him in an outfit similar to Barney’s whilst lounging around at home. On top of all this, Barney Rubble is also a keen golfer in many episodes of The Flintstones and he would surely enjoy a round with Daly.

11. Harry Redknapp & Droopy the Dog

Harry Redknapp and Droopy the Dog share a certain, well, droopiness. On top of that, they are also both highly entertaining. The two both seem to have their eyes half closed at all times, the area around their mouth also looks similar, plus they both have a crop of ginger hair on their heads. Although Redknapp is currently out of work, he has proven his abilities as a football manager over the years and has developed a habit of outwitting his opponents. This was also a habit of Droopy the Dog, who was not the most physically imposing but was shrewd enough to outwit his enemies. Both Redknapp and Droopy also have another similarity in that they can be wound up at times. When they are, they can be quite intimidating figures.

10. Gareth Bale & Jimmy Neutron

One is a boy genius and one is the most expensive footballer of all-time, but if you put them next to each other you would have difficulty separating them. Whilst Bale has opted for a slightly more glamorous hairstyle since arriving at Real Madrid, he did used to have a similar quiff to Jimmy “The Brain” Neutron. They also share a similar facial structure and both have blue eyes. Unfortunately for Bale, he does not share the intelligence of Jimmy Neutron. There are other similarities however, and this is despite being good natured people, Neutron’s intelligence and Bale’s talent and price tag often annoy and anger other people.

9. Lanny McDonald & Yosemite Sam

Anyone that has a fiery red moustache will always draw comparisons to popular Looney Tune Yosemite Sam, and former NHL star Lanny McDonald is no different. McDonald was famous for his large ginger moustache, and was an iconic figure in the league for 16 years because of this. In addition to sporting a fiery ginger moustache, these two are also gunslingers. Yosemite Sam is rarely seen without his two pistols, which he will often fire into the air, while McDonald was a prolific scorer in the NHL, where he scored 500 goals and had three consecutive 40-goal seasons. Unlike Yosemite Sam, who has a short temper and constantly lashes out, McDonald became famous for his sportsmanship and personality which made him a hugely popular figure. Perhaps Yosemite Sam could learn a thing or two from his ginger mustached twin.

8. Wayne Rooney & Shrek

Not the most flattering of comparisons, this is also a popular one with many people referring to Rooney as Shrek (including the UK papers). As such a prominent figure in football, Rooney has been heavily scrutinized over the years by the media and this has seen him develop a thick skin where he is able to shrug off criticism, which is often much worse than a comparison to this friendly ogre. Rooney has had hair transplants in recent years, which have somewhat stopped the comparisons. But it is on the field of play where Rooney silences his critics with his incredible talent. The story of Shrek teaches us that real beauty is on the inside, and being a star professional football player with millions of pounds probably helps as well. Via BleacherReport

7. Colin Kaepernick & Squidward

There have been plenty of comparisons made between the San Francisco 49ers quarter back Colin Kaepernick and SpongeBob SquarePants’ neighbor Squidward, and you can certainly see why. The most notable similarity is the nose, as both have a large nose which is the exact same roundish shape and is their most distinctive feature. Both are also tall, bald (or at least very short hair), and Kaepernick has very thin eyebrows similar to Squidward who has none. Kaepernick is somewhat of an irritant figure and certainly not the most popular player in the NFL, and the same could be said for Squidward, due to his selfishness and arrogance.

6. Nick Foles & Shaggy

Rams QB Nick Foles is called “Shaggy” by his teammates, and this is because he is the spitting image of Shaggy Rogers from the popular cartoon Scooby-Doo. They are both tall, have similar facial features, and the all important scruffy appearance in terms of their hair and facial hair (which is also a similar color). Fortunately for the Rams, the similarities stop here, as Foles has emerged as a top QB, whilst his cartoon twin is lazy, cowardly, and always hungry. Visually, however, it appears that the two were separated at birth and now live in two different universes. But it is unknown whether Foles owns a pet Great Dane who likes to solve crimes.

5. Diego Costa & Fred Flintstone

The slightly rugged and unkempt appearance of Chelsea striker Diego Costa has been the subject of much amusement for soccer fans this season, with many stating that there is a certain caveman-like quality to him. He does share a likeness with everyone’s favorite caveman, Fred Flintstone. Both have thick black hair and similar facial features. This is a particularly fitting comparison, as they also have similar personality traits too. Fred Flintstone is known to lose his temper, shouting, and become violent. Any Premier League fan will know that this is also the case for Costa. This season Costa has been at the centre of many controversial incidents and has ruffled his opponent’s feathers in just about every game he has played in. He is known for his hard nosed, aggressive style of play, and could well be Fred Flintstone in a pair of football boots.

4. Jason Terry & Cecil Turtle

Jason Terry is an NBA champion but sometimes an overlooked player, whilst his cartoon counterpart has managed to best Bugs Bunny but is a largely unknown Looney Tune. Neither are All-Star names such as LeBron James, Buggs Bunny, Steph Curry, or Daffy Duck, but they are both good at what they do and have come out on top. Jason Terry and Cecil Turtle both look remarkably similar, largely due to the fact that they both appear to have their eyes half shut all the time (this is perhaps what catches people off guard). In addition to this, they are both often slightly hunched over, plus they have a bald head and longish neck. If Cecil Turtle wore a headband and could shoot the three, then he may as well be Jason Terry.

3. Avram Grant & Baron Greenback

Avram Grant shares such a likeness with Danger Mouse’s enemy Baron Greenback, that it has seen the Israeli football manager earn the nickname “Baron.” This is largely due to the grumpy expression which the current Ghana manager has become famous for. They have the same distinctive features which gives them an uncanny resemblance. The similarities do not stop here however, as Baron Greenback does not come out on top in his quest (to destroy the world), and this is a feeling that Grant is familiar with during his spell at England, where he managed Chelsea, Portsmouth, and West Ham. Unlike his cartoon counterpart, Grant did find some success when he managed Partizan Belgrade, where he guided them to a league title in the 2011/12 season.

2. Rollie Fingers & Dick Dastardly

Former MLB pitcher Rollie Fingers has a name that wouldn’t be out of place in a cartoon, but the three-time World Series champ shares a striking resemblance to Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races. The obvious similarity here is in the waxed handlebar moustache, with Rollie Fingers’ being one of the most famous in all of sports. In addition to the moustache, they both have thick black hair and eyebrows, plus they both are usually seen in a hat (although the hats are very different). Both would frequently be seen twirling their moustache, but fortunately Rollie Fingers was not the villain that Dick Dastardly was and enjoyed a little more success than his cartoon doppelganger.

1. David Luiz & Sideshow Bob

The likeness between PSG defender David Luiz and Springfield’s criminal mastermind Sideshow Bob is so similar, that Luiz was called Sideshow Bob by his teammates during his Chelsea days. The hair is the obvious standout similarity that the two share, as they both have wild and bushy mops that stands out. They also both have a slender face and similar nose too. The similarities do not stop there however, as Sideshow Bob’s plans always result in a spectacular and often embarrassing failure and the same could be said for Luiz’s defending which, at times, can be rather comical and not work out quite as he had intended (Example: Germany 7-1 Brazil). Via
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