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Wrestling tries to portray itself as a semi-legitimate sport where matches are decided purely on athletic skill. It’s a no-nonsense competition where wrestlers use only their bodies and their brains to out-duel their opponents. But that’s not really true, because there are multiple examples over the years of wrestlers who use abilities that can’t be explained, and can only be considered a use of honest-to-goodness mystical energy. Over the course of history, so many wrestlers have shown powers beyond the scope of human imagination. It turns out, magic might not only be real, but somehow, it seems like it’s incredibly common in the world of pro wrestling. How else would all of these wrestlers manage to exist without anyone really blinking an eye?

10. Gangrel

Let’s be clear, here: Gangrel was a vampire. This wasn’t future ECW Superstar Kevin Thorn, who just dressed up like a vampire while commentary talked about “bite clubs” and “goth culture”. It was made quite explicit that Gangrel was a vampire. He rose from the depths of the arena in a ring of fire (one of the greatest ring entrances in wrestling history), he drank blood from a jeweled chalice, and he had fangs. Also, his name was taken from the popular Vampire: The Masquerade roleplaying game, which nearly led to a massive lawsuit once the creators found out. Outside of his entrance, Gangrel didn’t really overtly show off his vampiric powers, although there was a short period where he did have the power to drop gallons of blood on opponents, and of course, the traditional ability to turn arena lights off and on when necessary for dramatic entrances and exits that comes with almost any wrestler who has supernatural abilities. Source: onlineworldofwrestling

9. Papa Shango

The voodoo witch doctor from Parts Unknown (which churns out dozens of magically-powered wrestlers, apparently), Papa Shango tormented the top stars of the WWF in the early 90’s. During that time, he showed off his prodigious mystical powers by causing a mysterious black liquid to ooze from the head of the Ultimate Warrior. Admittedly, that doesn’t sound very impressive, but it was a simpler time and people do get upset when goo starts dripping from their hairline. Shango also had a short feud with another supernatural being on this list, squaring off against The Undertaker on more than one occasion. His time in wrestling was short-lived, although he would eventually find longevity and success in a far less mysterious but still arguably magical role as everyone’s favorite pimp, The Godfather. Papa Shango, however, will be most remembered for entirely missing his cue at WrestleMania VIII and being late interfering in the Hulk Hogan vs Sid match. Source:

8. Mordecai

Another short-lived supernatural act was the dark priest Mordecai, who claimed to have access to the highest and most divine of powers. An alleged holy warrior, Mordecai had a decidedly Old Testament view on dealing with those he deemed unworthy, leaning less towards forgiveness and charity, and more towards the whole “fire and brimstone” way of thinking. It’s unclear whether the man was really sent to cleanse WWE by some higher power, or by some other, darker force, or simply just a charlatan. The extent of Mordecai’s powers were largely unclear, due to his very brief time spent in the WWE ranks, but his entrance certainly did have a large amount of flame involved. Source:

7. The Boogeyman

Hailing from The Bottomless Pit, the Boogeyman burst onto the scene in a cloud of red fog, confusing and frightening wrestlers in WWE for months afterwards. It was never quite explicit if the Boogeyman was really a magical spirit sent from the Underworld to torment people, or just a crazy person who broke clocks over his head and carried around a pouch full of earthworms that he would enjoy eating before, after, and even during his matches. Either way, he was an intimidating figure that was certainly one of the most unique Superstars to ever weirdly crawl his way to a WWE ring. In his career, he earned victories over WWE legends like JBL and even defeated future Hall of Famer Booker T at WrestleMania. But perhaps his most memorable moment in WWE would be the time he bit a giant mole off Jillian Hall’s face and ate it. With her massive facial blemish removed, Hall went on to a career as an absolutely horrible singer, even releasing a terrible WWE-produced Christmas album. So. yeah, thanks for that, Boogeyman. Also, he would later introduce a sidekick known as Little Boogeyman, who he would team up with to face Finlay and his leprechaun sidekick Hornswoggle. Okay, it did get kind of silly near the end, there. Source:

6. Stardust

You need to understand, Stardust is not Cody Rhodes. The person who used to be Cody Rhodes no longer exists, but he had been infused with the cosmic energy of the being, which came to our world from the Fifth Dimension, and is known only as Stardust. You know, kind of like The Phoenix entity in X-Men. Stardust hasn’t exhibited many true magical powers, outside of incredible math skills, the ability to speak in perfect rhyme when required, and some moderate telekinetic abilities, but he has shown many of the qualities of a comic book super-villain, even modelling one of his costumes after the infamous Mister Sinister. For a cosmic entity, Stardust’s powers seem relegated more to the realm of impishness and trickery, but with the addition of The Ascension, super-powered Gothic warriors, his strength may be growing. If this continues, we will likely need a superhero to deal with this mysterious being. Hopefully Stephen Amell won’t be shooting a season of Arrow when things get truly out of control. Source:

5. The Ultimate Warrior

Despite all his talk about the power of Destrucity and the Warrior Spirit, during his time in WWE the man known as The Ultimate Warrior never seemed to be anything more than a man. Certainly a powerful man with boundless energy, but nothing that could be classified as supernatural ability. All that changed, however, when he resurfaced in WCW in the late 90’s. Arriving in that company in an effort to put an end to the scourge of the Hulk Hogan-led nWo, Warrior looked to extend his dominance over the man he’d defeated at WrestleMania VI. However, in the years since their last meeting, it appeared that the Warrior had discovered some form of magical power, allowing him to disappear and re-appear seemingly at will, often accompanied by a giant puff of smoke. In addition, Warrior apparently had the power to cause Hulk Hogan (and viewers at home, although nobody else in the same room as Hogna) to see visions of him inside of mirrors, driving Hogan to near-insanity prior to their showdown at Halloween Havoc. Yes, that mirror thing really happened, and it was just as cheesy as you can imagine. In fact, why should you have to imagine it? Here’s a picture: Source:

4. Sting

Perhaps we should have seen the Warrior’s sudden powers coming, as his former tag team partner from the distant past also made a sudden transformation into a darker, more mysterious character. After years of being a cool surfer dude from Venice Beach, Sting felt betrayed by his fellow WCW Superstars in the wake of the nWo invasion, and retreated to the rafters, where he would spend over a year in quiet contemplation of the war between WCW and nWo. In the process, Sting changed his entire appearance to resemble a character from popular movie The Crow (seriously, they didn’t even try to pretend that he wasn’t completely copying the look), and somehow, inherited a little bit of magic as well. Along with the usual teleportation powers and ability to affect the lights (which became more prevalent after the Owen Hart accident caused both companies to stop letting people descend from the rafters via harness), Sting also gained some sort of authority over a large vulture, which seemed to be directed by his commands, and which he used to frighten the entire nWo on more than one occasion. Source:

3. The Hurricane

While we never really saw the Hurricane use many powers, he was clearly a superhero, which means he had to have had some sort of supernatural ability, right? They don’t just had out capes and masks to anyone who claims to be a superhero without some sort of proof, do they? Actually, we know that he could fly, both because it showed him flying in his entrance video, and due to the giant gust of wind that would accompany his backstage arrivals and departures. That’s proof enough that he had superhuman powers right there. Plus, he even had a secret identity (surely you must have noticed that The Hurricane and mild-mannered reporter Gregory Helms were never in the same place at the same time), and if he didn’t have powers that made him a threat to super-villains around the world, why would he need a secret identity to protect his friends and family? It just makes sense, is what we’re saying. Source:

2. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is certainly more than the simple backwoods Louisiana religious zealot he portrays. Every word he says suggests that he’s been given the ability to see more than normal human beings, thanks to a mysterious “Sister Abigail”, who has never been seen by anyone but Bray and the members of his Family (and possibly not even by anyone but Wyatt himself, who preaches her demands to his followers). Wyatt has regularly shown an ability to appear in the ring whenever he chooses, under the cover of sudden, unexplained darkness. But most chillingly, Wyatt himself has told the world that he is, in fact, an evil demon, released from the bounds of Hell and inhabiting the body of a former wrestler known as Husky Harris, who Wyatt claims no longer needed it. Wyatt also has shown a certain ability to influence small children, as he did in a feud with John Cena, and also projected some sort of ghostly image in order to distract Dean Ambrose during his Hell in a Cell match with Seth Rollins. Indeed, the vast extent of Bray Wyatt’s powers may not yet be known, but the possibilities are both endless, and endlessly terrifying. Source:

1. Kane and The Undertaker

When you discuss wrestling and the supernatural, the conversation always begins with the Brothers of Destruction, Kane and The Undertaker. Having received some sort of power through their mother’s bloodline (the two are technically half-brothers with different fathers), both have exhibited unnatural abilities to shrug off all but the most powerful attacks, given enough time. In addition, Kane, the younger brother, holds a certain power over flame, causing anything to explode into fire simply by gathering his will, and in his early days, he could also summon and direct powerful lightning attacks. Meanwhile, the older brother, The Undertaker, seems to hold sway over the powers of life and death. Many attempts have been made over several decades to actually end the life (or, possibly, the dreaded un-life) of The Undertaker, from locking him inside air-tight caskets, to attempting to set him on fire, all the way up to burying him alive multiple times. In each instance, The Undertaker has always returned, often more powerful than he had been when defeated. Although they have often found themselves at odds, when united, these two supernatural creatures are an unstoppable force that all in professional wrestling have learned to fear. Source:
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