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One of the biggest questions facing WrestleMania this year is the opponent for The Undertaker. It’s been pretty much accepted that the original plan was Brock Lesnar, until they blew off that feud back at the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View. Next, the consensus favorite was John Cena, in one of the last “dream matches” left for the Dead Man, but that got scuttled when Cena had shoulder surgery in January. Other names that have been floated include Kevin Owens, Sting, and for some reason, Wyatt Family member Braun Strowman. The most recent rumor is that WWE has a big surprise planned for who The Undertaker’s opponent will be, and it may not be someone who is currently on the active roster. With that in mind (at least partially, we deviated when we thought it necessary and/or cool), we wracked our brains and came up with a list of Superstars who we think could potentially be the man across the ring from the Dead Man at WrestleMania.

10. John Cena

Okay, so, apparently WWE has said it won’t be Cena, the man himself has said he’s still a long way away in recovering from shoulder surgery, and this is one of those super long-shots. But WWE lies all the time, and this wouldn’t be the first time that Cena has hidden the extent of an injury in order to make a huge surprise return for far smaller events than the biggest WrestleMania of all time. You know that WWE wants him there if at all possible, and Cena almost certainly wouldn’t want to miss the event either, even if it meant that he’d have to take additional time off post-Mania to get back to rehabbing his shoulder. The guy is already posting photos of himself doing 9-hour days at the gym and lifting ridiculous amounts of weight, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that WWE and Cena could be lying to us again in order to have a big surprise when he’s announced as Undertaker’s opponent. Honestly, if there’s a chance Cena can go, he’s probably still one of the best options. Source:

9. Sting

Much like Cena, Sting is injured, and when he originally hurt himself back at Night of Champions, the assumption was that the extent of the damage was probably career-ending for someone at Sting’s age. That said, we’ve heard almost nothing from Sting about his recovery from that injury since it happened, and we already know that Sting vs The Undertaker is one of those matches that everyone expected to happen someday. Honestly, if Sting is able to do this match, we’d probably make him the favorite to be Undertaker’s opponent when all is said and done. Of course, it’s more likely that Sting is quietly slipping into retirement, and his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame would suggest that’s the case (WWE doesn’t induct active wrestlers into the Hall, except for Ric Flair, who retired the next night). But thanks to injuries, WWE could be desperate enough to see if Sting could dust off the trench coat for one final match that would certainly be considered one of the biggest of both men’s careers. Source:

8. Steve Austin

Okay, first of all, this is not going to happen. We’re off in complete “flights of fancy” territory with this entry. Austin has said multiple times that the absolute last thing on his mind is ever wrestling again, and there’s no reason to doubt him in that respect. But isn’t it incredible that these two have never faced off at WrestleMania? And wouldn’t having that match in both men’s home state of Texas be one way to virtually guarantee they fill that ridiculously large stadium? However, the match itself probably wouldn’t be very good and completely live off insane fan reactions as opposed to anything happening in the ring, but that could almost be enough to justify its existence. Again, though, this is never going to happen, we just wanted to re-ignite the “Will Steve Austin wrestle at WrestleMania” rumors that have cropped up every single year, and dream of a world where our favorite wrestlers aren’t all too broken down to wrestle. Source:

7. Kane

Even though they’ve said it’s not someone on the roster, you can’t do a list involving The Undertaker and not include Kane. We’re pretty sure almost nobody wants to actually see this as a WrestleMania match, but the two brother from different fathers have been tied together even since Kane debuted in 1997, and with both of them approaching the ends of their careers, it would probably be poetic to have them face off one more time at WrestleMania. Of course, in a perfect scenario, they’d probably both disappear in a flash of pyrotechnics and never appear again (outside of Hall of Fame inductions), but since Kane hasn’t shown any real signs of going anywhere and Undertaker has been adamant that this will not be his last match or even his last WrestleMania, it’s a match that could probably be held off until farther down the line. Also, and this probably goes without saying, the matches between these two, even in their primes, haven’t exactly set the world on fire, and at this point would probably be incredibly painful to watch. At least there’s a chance they wouldn’t let the match go twenty minutes and bore everyone to tears, though. Twenty minutes, not including entrances, obviously. Source:

6. Kurt Angle

An intriguing possibility that wouldn’t have a huge amount of story behind it, but doesn’t have to. Angle’s contract with TNA is done, he’s already taking independent bookings, and has made no secret that he’d like a last run and Hall of Fame induction in WWE. Only WWE’s desire not to see Angle self-destruct on their watch has kept him away, but for a WrestleMania match, the occasional appearance, and a Legends deal, they might be tempted to bring Angle back to get a good match out of The Undertaker. Furthermore, Angle still has enough name value and credibility that fans would actually be interested in that match, and that he could be seen as being on Undertaker’s level in terms of potentially beating him (although he almost certainly would not). Honestly, if WWE weren’t desperate due to all the injuries, it’s unlikely Angle is even on the radar, but in their current situation, he wouldn’t be the worst choice they could come up with. Source:

5. Samoa Joe

With roughly a month and a half until WrestleMania, anyone who’s going to be introduced as Undertaker’s opponent that isn’t already part of the main roster is going to have to be someone with enough name recognition to make a splash and be instantly recognized as a big deal by the fans. In NXT, one of the men most capable of checking all those boxes is Samoa Joe, who is a decently recognized name in wrestling, has the capabilities to put on a good, hard-hitting (yet safe) match with an aging Undertaker, and who has more than enough bad-ass credibility to not be hurt by losing. Joe is the sort of character who could literally show up on Raw tomorrow, beat someone down, and instantly be established as a threat to anyone, including the Undertaker. Frankly, most of this is based upon it being a waste to keep Joe down in NXT if you’re not going to at least put the NXT Title on him and have Finn Balor graduate, but to a certain section of the audience, this could actually be considered a highly-anticipated match. Source:

4. Goldberg

Well, he’s definitely not on the active roster, has been making quiet rumblings about doing a couple more matches, and is well known to be willing to do pretty much anything for a decent-sized paycheck. Sure, he hates WWE and tells anyone that will listen that his time there was one of the worst periods of his life (which, coming from a guy who was around in WCW’s final days, is pretty harsh), but money cures a lot of ills, and there are scenarios where WWE believes that a Goldberg-Undertaker match could justify cutting a large check. The match would definitely be horrendous, and we can’t actually think of anyone who was truly clamoring for the return of the nearly 50 year old Goldberg, but honestly, we needed a tenth entry on the list and he’s a better option than, say, Hulk Hogan making his triumphant return to WWE for a match, or pretending that Daniel Bryan might possibly have one more match left in him and making ourselves sad all over again. Source:

3. Roman Reigns

All right, we all know that the main event of WrestleMania is almost definitely going to be Roman Reigns defeating Triple H and standing strong in the middle of the ring with his cousin The Rock to what will generously be called the mixed reaction of the masses, having attained his ultimate destiny by becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion (for the third time in six months). But what if it weren’t? What if, against all odds, a senile 70-year-old changes his mind and decides that Dean Ambrose should get the main event against Triple H, while Roman Reigns gets to look strong in a different way by going one-on-one with The Undertaker? The story writes itself, as you have Reigns become frustrated when Ambrose “steals” his Mania title match and go down a dark path, deciding that if he can’t be champion, he’ll do something else to cement his legacy. Roman’s not going to be cheered against Undertaker either, so you can let him adopt a harder edge and play a heel for the night. If you like what you see, he sticks with it and you’ve got Ambrose’s first challenger post-Mania. If you’re determined to keep him a good guy, he shows respect for The Undertaker after Mania and we go off on the next plan to make him that big star somebody in WWE clearly thinks he should be. Source:

2. Batista

Hey, second time’s the charm, right? Now that Batista’s a semi-recognized movie star and in the midst of filming Guardians of the Galaxy 2, maybe WWE would like to convince him to make a return and maybe work some more dates from that alleged two-year contract he bailed on in 2014, when he got frustrated by WWE Creative screwing the pooch and apparently foresaw that only months later he’d be part of one of the biggest Marvel movies in history? We already know that Undertaker and Batista work well together, and they’ve arleady had one of Taker’s better WrestleMania matches before, so the chemistry is there to have something that would at least be watchable. Similar to The Rock, there are probably some insurance issues related to Batista’s movie career, but if WWE and, more importantly, Batista, actually want this to happen, it will. We already know that WWE reached out to Batista to at least appear at WrestleMania and were turned down, maybe they could up the ante and offer him more than just a refereeing job this time. Source:

1. Finn Balor

Remember how we talked about taking the NXT Title off of Finn Balor and letting him graduate to the main roster earlier? How cool would it be to have Balor lose a hard-fought match at TakeOver: Dallas and be some sort of surprise opponent for The Undertaker the next night at WrestleMania? We’ve been salivating at the prospect of seeing the Demon make a ridiculously over-the-top entrance at WrestleMania, so why not have both him and Taker go full crazy theatrics and get the crowd on the edge of their seats? Plus, while we already went through this with Bray Wyatt, potentially putting the Demon Balor over Undertaker could pave the way for creating WWE’s new big supernatural gimmick. Or set the stage for Bullet Club’s debut. You know, either one would be pretty good. The current rumor is that whomever is not NXT Champion after Dallas will be on the main roster almost immediately afterwards, so why wait until Raw the next night! Unleash the Demon and create a spectacle that few will ever forget! Source:
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