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Halloween is nearly here, and if you’re a wrestling fan, you’ve got one thought on your mind: “How can I dress up as my favorite wrestler this year”? Yes, the unique and complex characters of WWE are perfect for Halloween costumes, as long as you don’t mind the fact that most people aren’t going to know who you’re trying to be. And for the wrestling fan on a budget, we’ve wracked our brains and figured out a few wrestling costumes that you can make with limited materials and minimal cash investments.

Just one note before we get started, some of these costumes may assume that you are able able to grow a beard. Don’t worry, though, if you’re too young or otherwise follicly challenged in that aspect, face paint serves as a decent substitute.

10. Irwin R. Schyster

Frankly, this look works for any wrestler that makes a habit of wearing a business suit (Vince McMahon, Triple H, maybe you have a weird desire to look like Corporate Kane), but it’s the little things that set everyone’s least favorite tax man apart from the crowd. First of all, you won’t need the whole suit, just a dress shirt and pants, with some nice shoes. Then you’ll need to pick up a briefcase (traditionally, IRS’ was shiny and made of metal for some reason, but not many people have those lying around), a cheap pair of glasses (the tinier and more rectangular the frames, the better), and finish the whole thing off with a skinny tie and a pair of bright red suspenders. Frankly, the suspenders are key. They’re what set IRS apart from every other person who wrestled in a cheap suit. Apparently government tax accountants don’t wear belts, or something. Source:

9. Bray Wyatt

For as spooky as the New Face of Fear can be when he’s inside his personal dark and smoky room that exists somewhere backstage, becoming the leader of the Wyatt Family is a simple as finding a straw hat, white pants, and a suitably garish Hawaiian shirt. No, we don’t know why a demon from the bayous of Louisiana wears a Hawaiian shirt, and we’re not asking. All we know is that it makes for an easy costume. Of all the outfits on this list, this one probably most requires a real beard (they seem to be standard issue for Family members), but if you really want the authentic look and can’t manage to grow one, false beards are fairly easy to come by during the holiday season. Source:

8. Bayley

Honestly, we tried to think of several Diva-based costumes, but most of the gear worn by WWE’s contingent of female wrestlers probably isn’t suitable for all ages. By all means, if you want to dress up in leather and latex, knock yourself out, but like WWE itself, we’re going for the family-friendly option here. And that means everyone’s favorite babyface, Bayley, who has a remarkably unique look that’s fairly easy to duplicate. The most important thing is the bright colors. Pinks, purples, yellows, if the color makes people happy, you’re going to be wearing it. Then, find a bunch of those cheap slap bracelets and cover your arms with them. Also, you’re going to need a hairband, preferably one with a big flower or bow on it. The final, and most important touch, is the charmingly off-center high ponytail, so grab yourself a scrunchie and pick a side. Advanced Bayley imitators are going to want to find a way to attach tassels to your wrists, and that’s good too. Now you’re all set to smile, hug everyone you meet, and kick serious ass at the same time! Source:

7. Damien Sandow

It’s almost ironic that we’re telling you to dress up as a guy who spent a good portion of his WWE career dressing up as other people (that’s ironic, right? Or is it just a coincidence), but here we are. Of course, we’re not telling you to dress up like Damien Mizdow, mostly because we have no idea where you’d get one of those robes. Besides, something that silly-looking must be expensive. But we’re talking about the original Damien Sandow, in the gimmick that made him famous (and which he might be returning to, if rumors are to be believed), the Intellectual Savior of the Masses. To pull off this highly educated gimmick, you only need two things: a blue robe and a nice white neck-wrap. If you’re having trouble finding the robe, may we suggest Bed, Bath, and Beyond. After that, you just have to slick your hair back and talk to everyone you meet like you’re explaining things to a toddler. You’re welcome. Source:

6. JBL

He may have been a terrible, terrible wrestler, but as a Halloween costume, JBL is actually really fun. Realistically, all you need is a nice cowboy hat and a cheap suit, and a decent try and a boisterous Southern accent. There’s really nothing more enjoyable than running around telling people how rich and famous you are, and calling yourself a “wrestling god”. And if you’d prefer to be a more ring-ready Bradshaw, swap out the suit for warmup pants, a windbreaker, and a nice white towel to wrap around your neck. Keep the hat, though. Sure, not everyone’s going to know that you’re portraying a WWE Champion from a dark period of history, but you can always hedge your bets and tell them you’re the Rich Texan character from The Simpsons instead. And if they don’t know who that is, well, then you should probably stop associating with them. Source:

5. The Undertaker

The good thing about dressing up like The Undertaker is that due to his longevity, there are so many different incarnations of the gimmick that are all relatively simple to adopt. For most incarnations, you start with the basics: black shirt, black pants, black shoes. Then, choose your accessories for the appropriate era. If you’re looking for the classic Dead Man, you’ll need a thick striped tie, a black wide-brimmed hat, a long black duster or trench-coat, and leather gloves (purple or grey, as you prefer). For the slightly more evil Ministry version, all you’ll need is a long, black, hooded robe (while easy, this Undertaker probably will be the hardest to identify as such). And for the more modern look, keep the classic hat and coat, and see if you can find a pair of fighting gloves like all the MMA fighters wear. And if you happen to be one of those crazy people who really misses the American Badass Undertaker, you can’t go wrong with a leather vest and pants combined with a bandanna. Just be prepared for people to assume you’re just a normal motorcycle enthusiast. Bonus style points if you copy his short-lived “denim phase” when he rode around in a light blue denim vest and jeans. Truly, it was a dark time in wrestling history. And, of course, you’ll probably want to pick yourself up an urn, and fortunately, Halloween is the one time of the year where those are relatively easy to find. Source:

4. Roman Reigns

Technically, this costume could be adapted for any former Shield member, but Reigns is the only one still dressing that way, so he gets credit. The first part is easy, you just have to find black pants and a black tank top. The second step is a little harder, but hopefully you have easy access to a flak jacket. Potentially, you could just find a black vest and tie belts around your midsection, it’s unlikely anyone would call you on it. In a pinch, you could just paint a lifejacket black and hope for the best. It’s Halloween, people should be expected to use their imagination a little! To finish off the ensemble, make sure you find some of those fingerless black gloves that all true bad-asses wear. If you’re a long-time fan, you might still have a pair from the days of when you used to love Big Daddy Cool Diesel. We’re not sure why another really tall guy with long, black hair who totally bombed as WWE Champion came to mind when we were talking about Reigns, but there you go. Source:

3. Sting

The neat part about Sting is that you have two wildly different options for portraying the last man out of WCW. The more well-known “Crow” version of Sting just requires black and white face paint and some creativity. If all else fails, just find a picture of Brandon Lee from The Crow and copy that, because that’s all WCW did when they created the whole new persona for Sting, anyway. Top it off with a black trench-coat and Sting’s trademark baseball bat, and you’re all set. Now, if you want to go for the more “classic” Sting look, it might take a little more work. You’ll still have to paint your face, but at least you’ll be able to use colors that aren’t just black and white. If you’re feeling really fancy, you can try and duplicate Sting’s ridiculous ring jacket, which involves finding the most gaudy leather jacket you can find (neon colors would be a plus, but any shade that a human being wouldn’t wear if it wasn’t a costume will do fine), hand it off to a teenage girl who owns a Bedazzler, and put tassels on any remaining empty spaces. What can we say, the 80’s were not a great time for wrestling fashion. Source:

2. Macho Man Randy Savage

There’s a reason why there’s always one guy at every WWE event who is dressed like the Macho Man, and it’s because it’s a look that is both instantly recognizable and incredibly simple to put together. In addition, thanks to a long history of crazy costumes, there are so many versions you can choose. For the most classic Macho Man look, however, all you need is a big pair of sunglasses (the more ridiculous the better), a bandana, a brightly colored shirt and pants, and a shiny, sparkly, and/or colorful cape. If you want to go the extra mile, you can go for a leather jacket instead of the cape, or add a cowboy hat or crown (from his days as the Macho King) to the ensemble, and if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with adding tassels. The important thing is to be flashy and colorful. After that, you’re basically set. Just don’t forget to practice saying “Ooooh Yeah!” until you can capture the true essence of the Macho Man. Source:

1. John Cena

This one’s probably the easiest one just because the sheer volume of available John Cena merchandise makes it a matter of simplicity. For the basic costume, you’ll just need to choose from the many t-shirts, baseball caps, armbands, and wristbands available pretty much anywhere you can buy WWE swag, and then top it off with a pair of cargo shorts, some running shoes, and for that extra authentic feel, a pair of dog tags around your neck. We’d tell you to try and color-coordinate, but every piece of Cena-related clothing is already in some eye-bleedingly bright color, so it probably won’t matter. For those old-school Cena fans, you can swap out the Hustle, Loyalty, Respect t-shirt for a throwback jersey representing one of the local sports teams, and replace the dog tags with a linked chain and padlock combination that you can pick up at any hardware store. The only problem this costume has is the number of people who won’t be able to see you!

Yes, we said it. We have no regrets. Source:
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