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In today’s day and age with everyone and their mother being active on social media, athletes are no different. And when you combine a bunch of athletes and their generally large egos, you have a recipe for conflict and arguments between them for a variety of reasons. And that is exactly what this article will focus on. This article will look at 10 of the hundreds and thousands of times that athletes have gotten into it on social media. Read on, and enjoy the beef!

10. Matt Hasselbeck vs. Antonio Cromartie

This little spat on Twitter took place in 2011, when the NFL and NFLPA were in a labor dispute. This argument began when Cromartie made some comments that criticized both players and owners about the dispute. Next, Hasselbeck took to Twitter to question Cromartie’s intelligence when he asked if he even knew what CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) stood for. Cromartie didn’t take too kindly to these remarks and responded with “Hey Matt if u have something to say then say it be a man about it. Don’t erase it. I will smash ur face in.” That is likely not the response Hasselbeck expected or wanted back from this little exchange. Source:

9. LeBron James vs. Daniel Gibson

Also in 2011, this little social media altercation between then-Miami Heat forward Lebron James and Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson. This beef was sparked during a birthday party for Gibson where, during a toast, the Cav’s guard made a proclamation that he was the new king of Cleveland. James was obviously upset by the comments and took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with Gibson. Gibson then retorted with a number of different jabs and references to the incident via Twitter as well. The two cleared the air and made amends soon after, but either way, it is rare when we see a star like LeBron engage in a social media beef. Source:

8. Shawne Merriman vs. CM Punk

This unlikely duo got into it a few years ago over Twitter and the beef was recently reignited. Let us explain. A few years back, CM Punk took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with then-Buffalo Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman trying to hit on and pick up some WWE divas. The two then went back and forth on Twitter and the beef seemingly died. That was, until the summer of 2015 when Merriman was asked about what he thought about Punk’s move to the UFC. Merriman spoke on about how he wants to fight and “demolish” CM Punk in the octagon and “make him feel pain.” Punk has offered no real rebuttal, but seeing how he is training to become a UFC fighter, we like him in this hypothetical scrap. Source:

7. AJ McCarron vs. Darnell Dockett

This one dates back to McCarron’s college days. During the BCS National Championship game a few years back, McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, gained worldwide fame for being extremely attractive. Then-Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett proceeded to tweet his phone number to Webb and has been harassing McCarron about Webb for a while. They slowly started turning to insults and the two have traded childish jabs back and forth ranging from name-calling, comparing accolades and challenging each other to boxing matches. We think McCarron gets the last laugh due to the fact he is with Katherine Webb, which is a big win. Source:

6. DeAngelo Hall vs. Richard Sherman

This argument over Twitter began with DeAngelo Hall claiming that Sherman would have to “earn his stripes” before he could make a claim to being the best CB in the game or get a big money deal. From there on, the two players went back and forth for hours with petty insults and cracks at one another about who is a more dominant player. After things cooled down on Twitter, Hall reignited the beef on a radio station when he continued his attack by claiming that Sherman didn’t even crack the top three. His argument centered around the idea that since Sherman doesn’t follow the team’s best wide receiver around, as most top cornerbacks do. Source:

5. Kobe Bryant vs. Mark Cuban

This social media beef between Kobe Bryant and Mark Cuban began with a comment by Cuban that clearly offended Kobe. Cuban made a comment that the Lakers might be wise to use the amnesty clause on Kobe Bryant, which in a sense is a way an NBA team can eliminate bad or expensive contracts under certain conditions. A few days later, Kobe Bryant scored 38 points in a 103-99 Lakers win over the Mavs. Following the game, Bryant took to Twitter and tweeted a simple message: “Amnesty THAT.” This is one of the best things he could have possibly tweeted and even Cuban himself gave Kobe props on the timely tweet. Source:

4. Steve Weatherford vs. Jason Kelce

This argument all started when NY Giants punter Weatherford appeared on a radio station and criticized the Eagles and their three-headed monster QB situation of Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow and was less than complimentary for the most part. A few days later, Eagles center Jason Kelce took offense to these tweets and fired back on Twitter saying “Of course, a player who is literally not allowed to be touched is talking sh–t… Is interviewing punters a thing now?” Following that, Weatherford sought out to defend himself and the two went back and forth a few times before Weatherford eventually sent out a tweet apologizing to the Eagles players and fans for his words. Source:

3. CM Punk vs. Cathal Pendred

This is a UFC beef that has been seemingly brewing for a while, but has just blown up in the past few weeks or so. The two could be setting up for a potential fight, or could just be two sensitive men arguing over Twitter. The beef started when, out of the blue, Pendred insulted CM Punk’s striking technique, despite himself also having horrific striking. This prompted a response from the usually calm, cool and collected CM Punk. The two then went back and forth with insults and jabs on Twitter for all to see. After all of this animosity, this makes sense as the fight that the UFC chooses for CM Punk’s debut. Source:

2. Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

This is perhaps the most famous beef in UFC history. The feud began when the two were scheduled to fight at UFC 178 and then famously had a brawl at the UFC 178 media day that spilled into the crowd. Following the physical altercation, the two light heavyweights then took to Twitter to continue the beef with various jabs and insults about the outcome of the brawl and what will take place the next time the two see each other. There were various other tweets sent out by the two over the next few weeks leading up to the fight. Unfortunately, the fight had to be rescheduled and once they finally fought, Jones won with ease. Source:

1. Richard Sherman vs. Patrick Peterson

It’s rare that you get a real Twitter beef between two players who are both near the top of the totem pole at their position. But that is exactly what we got when Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman got into it over Twitter. It all started when Patrick Peterson tweeted that he signed a new contract that made him the highest paid CB in the NFL. Sherman retweeted some tweets that claimed Sherman was the best in the league and the war was on. Peterson and Sherman proceeded to send tweets back and forth including pictures of super bowl rings, game tape and various other statistics to back up their argument. What a world we live in where we can see something like this between two Pro Bowl players unfold right in front of our eyes. Source:

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