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We all know teams are like a family. If you ask most athletes, the thing they miss the most about getting traded, or leaving the game altogether, is the camaraderie with their other family – their team. You have to remember these guys play together, eat together, and do pretty much everything together during the season. Although most of the time everything is great, sometimes tempers can get the best of everyone and the fist start flying. They may be brothers on the field of play, but sometimes sibling rivalries pop up, just like in real life. It’s the nature of the beast in competitive sports. Here are ten teammate confrontations that you might have never heard about or even completely forgotten.

10. Renaldo Balkman and Arwind Santos

Remember when Latrell Spreewell grabbed coach PJ Carlesimo’s throat? Well, former New York Knicks first-round draft pick Renaldo Balkman one-upped that moment of stupidity in a Philippine Basketball Association game. After dominating Alaska during the Petron Blaze Boosters’ playoff run, Balkman lost it when their winning streak was coming to an end. Frustrated throughout the game, Balkman snapped with 21.6 seconds remaining. After being called for a foul, he confronted all three referees and made contact with each one of them. His assistant coach, Biboy Ravanes, and teammate Ronald Tubid tried to calm the big man down. But there was no stopping this rage and they were shoved away as well. Enter Arwind Santos, the team’s co-captain. Santos intervened and attempted to calm things down while sticking his arm out. Again Balkman pushed his teammate.This time Santos pushed back, and before he knew it, Balkman grabbed at his neck and looked like he was going to choke slam his captain. Teammates and coaches had to come in and separate the two players, before Balkman was finally calmed down and was subbed out. Screenshot via YouTube

9. Michael Jordan and Kwame Brown

Not sure who in their right mind would ever challenge the greatest of all time? Well, Kwame Brown tried to when Michael Jordan was a member of the Washington Wizards. And the end result… tears. Although basketball’s G.O.A.T. had lots to say about many of his teammates, Brown, the Wizards’ first pick in the 2001 draft received the worst of it. Many thought Jordan was going to take the young star under his wing. Instead, according to Sports Illustarted, “Jordan ritually reduced Brown to tears in front of the team.” When Jordan finally said goodbye to the game, Brown and the others couldn’t be happier. Via

8. Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson

When Toni Braxton sung ‘Un-Break My Heart’ you have to wonder if that was about Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson. Everyone loves a good love triangle, except if it’s going to put a wedge between your team. Well, this real life soap opera happened between two guys  that were supposed to bring the Dallas Mavericks back to the promised land. Unfortunately for the Mavs, their energy for making magic wasn’t on the court, it was off of it, trying to win the affections of the same woman. Enter Toni Braxton into the story. It was rumoured that Kidd had a date with Braxton in Atlanta. But when the singer showed up at the hotel, Kidd’s teammate took her out. After the incident, Kidd threw comments out about his teammate being selfish. Makes you wonder if he was talking about ball distribution? Via

7. Toni Kukoc and Scottie Pippen

When the Chicago Bulls dominated the basketball world, it seemed like they were one big happy family. Think again. When Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf made it public that he thought the world of Toni Kukoc, even though Scotty Pippen and Michael Jordan dominated him at the 1992 Olympics, it didn’t stop him from acquiring him. With Jordan playing minor league baseball, Kukoc and Pippen became the main pieces of the Bulls puzzle. Unfortunately for the Bulls, these two pieces just didn’t fit. Although there were no fists flying between the two, things came to a boiling point in Game 3 of the 1994 Eastern Conference final. With 1.8 seconds left in a tie game, the Bulls drew up a play for Kukoc, with Pippen inbounding. Pippen refused to go in and the Bulls had to waste their last timeout to substitute for Pippen. Kukoc wound up hitting the game-winner, but the Bulls lost the series. Funny enough, Pippen and Kukoc went on to win three titles together. I guess winning does solve everything.

6. Kevin Garnett and Wally Szczerbiak

Kevin Garnett one day may go in the Hall of Fame and has been a leader everywhere he’s played. That doesn’t mean he’s rubbed people the wrong way at times. While with the Minnesota Timberwolves, KG didn’t always have the best relationship with one-time All-Star Wally Szcerbiak. Part of Garnett’s greatness is how he holds his teammates accountable, especially at the defensive end. Unfortunately for Szcerbiak, he wasn’t known for that. One of the worst defenders in the NBA, Garnett was frustrated with Szczerbiak. That came to a boiling point at a practice in 2000, when KG threw more than a chest pass at his teammates. From then on, things just got worse. Via

5. Chris Hatcher and Sam Dyson

It’s almost a sure bet that in every baseball movie, two teammates duke it out. Well, recently this actually happened in the Miami Marlins farm system. A pair of minor leaguers, Sam Dyson and Chris Hatcher, of the New Orleans Zephyrs got into a bar fight while on a road trip to Nashville in late April. What makes this story even stranger, is that the pair are both relief pitchers on the Marlins’ AAA team, and both have spent time in the major leagues. Dyson sustained a broken jaw, and was forced to have surgery in Miami and went on the disabled list. He was expected to be out over a month. Meanwhile, Hatcher received a five-game suspension, for apparently throwing the big blow. This may surprise you, but he’s not talking about the fight. Via Yahoo! Sports

4. Renardo Sidney and Elgin Baily

What happens in Hawaii apparently doesn’t stay in Hawaii. In 2010, Mississippi State basketball teammates Renardo Sidney and Elgin Bailey made some lasting memories during the Diamond Head Classic, when they decided to go at it with each other. What makes this one strange is that it wasn’t during a game, or practice. They were in the stands. Punches were thrown in the fight, which lasted several minutes and was broken up by teammates. And to make this fight even stranger, the pair were roommates during the trip. Sidney, no stranger to altercations, just finished serving a one-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team. In that incident, he battled with another member of the team during practice. So it’s no surprise he was a troublemaker, and didn’t last long at Mississippi State. Screenshot via YouTube

3. Steve Blake and John Gilchrist

It never ends good when a rookie tries to show up the veteran. In 2002, that’s what happened when freshman John Gilchrist was trying to outdo senior Steve Blake during a University of Maryland workout. After a box out situation, the two got tied up and Gilchrist took a shot at the veteran, and landed a left to his teammates face. Teammates quickly restrained and separated the two. Unimpressed, Blake keeps yelling at Gilchrist as he is taken to the dressing room. Gilchrist was known as a cocky person, while Blake was a hothead. It turned out to be a great YouTube moment that embarrassed the two players and the program. Check out this video to see how it went down. Screenshot via YouTube

2. Setanta O’hAilpin and Cameron Cloke

Setanta O’hAilpin took kicking someone’s butt a little too seriously. During an Australian Football League (Aussie Rules Football) inter-quad game, Carlton’s O’hAilpin did not like making contact with Cloke. After the pair finished scrambling for the ball, O’hAilpin got up and delivered a couple of blows to Cloke’s head with his fists. While down, O’hAilpin stopped, turned around and gave his mate a swift kick in the butt. While the scuffle between the two seemed like a normal day at the office, especially in a physical sport like Aussie Rules Football, officials were more upset with the kick to the buttocks. As a result, Cloke had to clean up the blood on his face, while O’hAilpin served a suspension. Screenshot via YouTube

1. Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer

Down 3-0 against Aston Villa, Newcastle’s Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer imitated something you’d see in a movie. As frustrations boiled to a crescendo in a lop-sided loss, the two teammates came to blows. Funny enough, it was Aston Villa players that broke the two up. Once the dust settled, and Bowyer looking furious as his jersey was ripped, the pair were ejected from the game. Newcastle placed the blame firmly on Bowyer’s shoulders, fining him six weeks wages. Via

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