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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch The WWE Divas Division Source: YouTube

Pro wrestling is all about men. It’s run by men, it features mostly male wrestlers, and its main target demographic is, you guessed it, male. While women have risen to prominence over wrestling’s history, they have, for the most part, been treated as a sideshow, placing physical appearance far above any semblance of wrestling ability. However, all that seems poised to change, as WWE recently introduced a “Divas Revolution” on their flagship show, Monday Night Raw. Now, women in wrestling might be one of the best parts of the show, and here are a list of reason why you’ll want to keep watching in the future.

10. Sara Amato

The fact that Amato was recently promoted to assistant head coach of NXT, in a male-dominated industry like pro wrestling, is almost enough to show just how seriously they have been taking women’s wrestling in WWE’s developmental system. She is the very first female to ever hold even a trainer position in WWE, which should show how highly she is valued. This is because Amato, before she signed with WWE, was known on the independent circuit as Sara Del Rey, and is considered to be one of the best wrestlers, male or female, on the planet. Most notably in Ring of Honor she was part of the Kings of Wrestling team, alongside another incredibly talented wrestler, who you may know as Cesaro. Amato’s growing influence over NXT has to be given part of the credit for the spectacular wrestling matches that, the women especially, have been churning out for the past couple of years, and now are in a position to do so on Raw. Source:

9. Eva Marie

You may recall Eva Marie if you’ve ever watched E! Network’s Total Divas reality show, where she has spent most of her time under WWE contract. Because of the WWE wanting her on the show, they threw her into the ring despite being nearly completely untrained. The results were not pretty, to say the least. However, seemingly not content with just being a pretty face, Eva Marie has been privately training with former WWE Superstar Brian Kendrick for months, constantly updating fans on social media to show her progress with becoming a real wrestler. She recently made her return to the ring on NXT, and showed that while she’s not a finished product yet, she may prove to be a better wrestler than anyone gave her credit for. A lot of people forget, Hall of Famer Trish Stratus couldn’t wrestle a lick when she debuted in WWE, either. Source:

8. Lina

Unless you’ve been watching NXT’s most recent live events, you probably don’t know who Lina is. She looks to be aligning with Eva Marie as her bodyguard and partner, and will definitely add a new wrinkle to the division. The concept of the larger, dominant monster has been a part of pro wrestling forever, and Lina, who towers over most of the rest of the division from her near-6′ height, fits the concept to a tee. In terms of wrestling pedigree, she is part of the extensive Samoan family dynasty that goes back generations, and is the direct cousin of one of the biggest stars in the history of professional wrestling, The Rock. Asking her to fill those boots is probably a little premature, but the family does have a history of successful wrestlers, many of whom are now in WWE’s Hall of Fame. Source:

7. Devin Taylor

You may know her as the backstage interviewer for NXT who gets verbally abused by most of the heel women on the roster. However, much like Eva Marie, Taylor is a full-fledged wrestler who has been training in NXT for a while now, and recently started wrestling on live, non-taped, events. That’s right, in NXT, even the women holding the microphone are training to be legitimate wrestlers. While it’s too early to tell what kind of wrestling ability Taylor has, her increased on-screen frustration with the insults of women like Emma and Dana Brooke seem to be pushing her closer and closer to an in-ring confrontation, which, much like Eva Marie and Lina, will help replenish a division that has already lost three of its top stars to the main roster. Source:

6. Paige

Paige was one of the first graduates of the NXT developmental system, on her way to becoming one of the youngest champions in WWE history in her very first match on Raw. Paige traded the title a few times with AJ Lee, but has yet to show off the full range of her skills on the main roster. This is largely due to the fact that, up until recently, the Divas division has largely been ignored and given short shrift. This culminated in an embarrassingly short thirty-second tag match, which Paige was a part of, that sparked an organized outcry on Twitter, the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance and, eventually, led to the current Divas Revolution. Now that Paige has been joined by some highly-skilled competitors, she may finally be able to show off the impressive skills that had WWE sign her to a developmental deal at just 19. Source:

5. Bayley

It’s likely that an untimely hand injury delayed Bayley’s introduction to the WWE main roster as part of the Revolution, but make no mistake, Bayley is just as good as the three women who are now a big part of the Divas division on Raw, and she will more than likely join them soon. In many ways, Bayley is a cornerstone of the NXT woman’s division. As a happy-go-lucky, huggable, lovable, underdog face, Bayley has feuded with all three of Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks, and put on spectacular performances with all of them. Whenever she makes her way to the big stage, she will likely be exactly what WWE is looking for from a marketing and merchandising perspective, with a kid-friendly image that is just perfect for acting as a role model and face of the division. Also, her entrance makes use of wacky arm-waving inflatable tube men, and that is just awesome. Source:

4. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch seemed to arrive completely unexpectedly, shooting up the NXT ranks at an incredible pace. Originally introduced as a painful Riverdancing Irish stereotype, Lynch seemed destined to be a lesser player behind the big guns of the division. However, a few character modifications turned Becky from a joke into a legitimate contender, and she was soon aligned with NXT Champion Sasha Banks, forming a powerhouse duo. It was also while facing Banks at the NXT Takeover: Unstoppable special that Lynch would have her star-making moment, as the two women put on one of the greatest woman’s matches of all-time, which has also been considered one of the best matches of 2015, regardless of gender. Despite losing the match, Becky’s performance was so incredible that the fans in attendance gave her a lengthy standing ovation in a moment that was legitimately heartwarming, and also served to establish Becky Lynch as one of the premier women wrestlers in WWE. Source:

3. Charlotte

One would think that Charlotte would be destined for success simply due to her genetics. As the daughter of possibly the best wrestler in the history of the sport, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Charlotte was literally born into the wrestling business, and if nothing else, was guaranteed to be given every opportunity to succeed. But even with the specter of her father looming over her, and all the expectations that come with the Flair name, Charlotte has still managed to surprise everyone. She signed with WWE in 2012, and, at the time, had no official wrestling experience. None. One year later, she had her first televised match, and from there her rise has been positively meteoric, with multiple classic matches with a variety of opponents, both on NXT’s weekly program and their Takeover specials. Charlotte’s main roster promotion was inevitable, and she now looks to continue building her own impressive legacy in WWE. Source:

2. Sasha Banks

All the other women on this list have impressive credentials, intriguing characters, and some level of wrestling skills that have given North American women’s wrestling a legitimacy that it has not had in some time. And at the top of the heap is current NXT Woman’s Champion, and the most complete female wrestler on the roster, Sasha Banks. Banks combines a flashy and effective gimmick as “The Boss” with superior in-ring ability and a dazzling display of charisma into the total package of what a professional wrestler, whether male or female, should aspire to be. While others will get their shots, at least in part, because of their family ties, or marketing ability, or their role in a reality show, Sasha has gotten to the top simply by being the best at everything. With her as a mainstay in the division, the future of women’s wrestling is brighter than it has ever been. Source: YouTube

1. Triple H

It seems wrong to headline a list of all the reasons why you should watch women’s wrestling with a male wrestler, but it’s possible that none of this exists without the work of Triple H. He oversees NXT, and has been largely credited with the development and featured role of its women. While they have succeeded on their own merits, they were put in that position by Triple H, who has shown repeatedly that there is clearly a place for legitimate women’s wrestling in a major promotion. Not just as a sideshow act, but as a featured part of the product. In the weeks since the Divas Revolution began, the women of WWE have had a bigger role on the show than they have in a very long time, and for that, we must both recognize and offer our heartfelt thanks to Triple H for his role in this effort. Source:
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