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10 Celebrities That Should Be In ‘WWE 2K16’ Source: YouTube

So, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the new WWE video game as The Terminator, possibly his most famous role. Apparently, WWE is really milking that Terminator: Genisys promotional deal for every dime they can get, even though the movie has already tanked and most people have forgotten about it. But more importantly, by adding Arnold, they’ve opened the door to adding any number of celebrities who have appeared in WWE over the years. WWE 2K16 is already promoting the fact that it will have the largest roster in history (plus they have at least one slot open after the recent Hulk Hogan debacle saw him removed from the game), so why not go wild and add a whole bunch of crazy celebrity guest wrestlers?

10. Donald Trump

Trump has played many roles in WWE, from hosting a couple of early WrestleManias, to forcing Vince McMahon to shave his head, to actually purchasing and owning WWE for about a week. That last one was part of the story, but apparently WWE stock took a massive hit when people who don’t actually watch the show thought Trump was really buying WWE, and they reversed it the very next show. Coincidentally, Trump’s temporary “ownership” led to the guest host era of Raw, which is where a few of this list’s entries made their appearances. At any rate, Trump is so much a part of WWE (he was inducted into the Hall of Fame) that putting him in their video game only makes sense. Besides, it seems like half the country wants to beat up the erstwhile presidential candidate right now anyway. Source:

9. Barack Obama

Speaking of presidential, it’s kind of surprising that putting presidents in a wrestling game hasn’t really been done yet. And the President has actually appeared on Raw twice, once as part of WWE’s campaign to get people to vote, and another time in a match with Hilary Clinton. Okay, that second one was a stunt double, but it still counts. Plus, they can drag out the line “Do you smell what Barack is cookin’,” which is really the only reason you need to justify this. And why stop at Obama? All you ever hear about is that Abraham Lincoln was the first World Heavyweight Champion, so throw him in the game too! Just fill the roster with ex-presidents: Clinton, both Bushes, Reagan, JFK, Nixon, Washington, Taft…just package them all together and sell it as DLC. Source:

8. Stephen Amell

The man who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow looks to be headed straight for a SummerSlam match with Stardust, and is apparently a lifelong wrestling fan. And if any celebrity could convincingly step into the ring next week and be a pro wrestler, the guy who does his own stunts (and his own salmon ladder) on one of CW’s hottest shows would probably be on the top of many lists. But why let the cross-promotion stop there? Comic book properties are hot, with Marvel leading at the theaters and DC setting the television world on fire. I’m sure DC and the CW would love to have Green Arrow as a playable character in a top-selling video game, even if it happens to be about pro wrestling. Source:

7. Bob Barker

The much-beloved and retired host of The Price is Right appeared on Raw during the guest host era and was instantly the best edition of the entire concept. He hosted a Raw version of his show, he talked about his charity, he made the legendary Chris Jericho back down in a promo war, and he showed off his karate skills against Chavo Guerrero. That’s right, a non-wrestling senior citizen worked harder on an episode of Raw than some wrestlers do. And, of course, nobody will ever forget the fight that made everyone realize that Bob Barker was secretly a badass, when he beat Adam Sandler into a pulp in Happy Gilmore. Compared to Bob, Arnold’s a wimp. Source: YouTube

6. Kermit The Frog

Look, obviously Kermit is an underdog here; he’s about three feet tall, he’s a frog, and also, he’s a Muppet. Of course, Yoda is a Muppet too, and he was flying all over the screen in those prequel movies. Plus, the last WWE game had El Torito in it, and he’s a miniature bull! There has to be some example of Kermit showing off hidden marital arts skills in at least one episode of The Muppet Show, right? Besides, you play as Kermit in a wrestling game for the same reason you play as Dan in Street Fighter. Sure, he’s a terrible fighter with nearly useless skills. But that just makes it far more humiliating for your opponent when you crush him with a tiny green frog. Source:

5. Art Donovan

Donovan appeared in exactly one pay-per-view, King of the Ring (1994), where he performed commentary duties and showed exactly why he was never invited to do so again. His most common question during the show was some variation on “How much does this guy weigh?” and he seemed to have absolutely no actual knowledge about pro wrestling. So why would anyone want him to be a part of WWE 2K16? Well, after a few hours of listening to Art partially paying attention to the action, occasionally surfacing to wonder about how much Kevin Owens actually weighs, you’ll probably appreciate the relatively harmless semi-competence of Michael Cole and JBL a lot more, and that will help you enjoy the game much more. Also, it might even cross over into tolerating the commentary on Raw a bit better! Source:

4. Shaq

Like many professional athletes, Shaquille O’Neal is an unabashed fan of pro wrestling. Like many others, he was part of the guest host era, and because he has a gigantic amount of charisma to go along with his massive frame, he fits right in with the big boys of WWE. During his stint as host, it was inevitable that he would get into a confrontation with the World’s Largest Athlete, the 7-foot, 500 lb. Big Show, which would result in an inconclusive standoff. However, Shaq was quick to suggest that he’d love to show what he could do in a wrestling ring, and thus, for years going forward, rumors would abound that WWE was trying to set up a match between Shaq and The Big Show. Unfortunately, that match has never actually taken place, but in WWE 2K16, it could finally become a reality. Source:

3. Jon Stewart

Now that he’s retired, Stewart can finally live out his dream of being a full-time WWE Superstar. Or not. But he did get to satisfy a childhood fantasy and had a feud with WWE Champion Seth Rollins that crossed over between Raw and Stewart’s Daily Show, culminating with Stewart kicking Rollins in the crotch while the champion was distracted. Hey, he’s a 52-year-old comedian, it’s not like he was going to beat him in a real fight. And that’s why we have video games, so you can actually see what would happen if the host of The Daily Show stepped into the ring with WWE wrestlers. Besides, it’d give us more Jon Stewart, and frankly, nobody’s ready for him to go away yet. For extra insanity, throw in former Colbert Report and future Late Show host Stephen Colbert, and let gamers simulate the greatest match in the history of our time. Source:

2. Chuck Norris

Long before he became one of the first Internet memes, long before Conan debuted the Walker, Texas Ranger lever, Chuck Norris was legitimately a badass. The guy fought Bruce Lee in a movie, after all! He lost, but still! Also, he was in Sidekicks, but more importantly, his aura of being one of the best fighters in the world is why he was appointed as ringside enforcer for a 1994 Survivor Series match between Yokozuna and the returning Undertaker. It’s important to remember that during their previous match, 11 wrestlers interfered and beat up the Undertaker to cost him the match, and Chuck Norris, by himself, was expected to be enough to prevent this from happening a second time. Which he was. The only problem with putting him in the video game is that everyone would play as him and no one would be able to beat him. Source:

1. RoboCop

Okay, he never actually appeared in WWE, but he did show up in WCW for the Capitol Combat PPV in 1990, where he saved Sting, who had been trapped in a cage by the legendary Four Horsemen. Yes, it was exactly as cheesy as it sounds, and the angle has been panned for years, but if you’re going to put the Terminator in a video game, you have to put RoboCop in, too, right? After all, they already made a RoboCop Versus The Terminator game once, that means they’re linked forever. It’s like how Aliens vs Predator was just a comic book concept for a long time, until they finally made a bunch of video games and bad movies about it. For some reason, everyone wants to see RoboCop fight Terminator, and since both have ties to wrestling, WWE 2K16 would give you a reason to see it one more time. Source: YouTube
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