WATCH: A Huge Shark Swims Right By This Florida Backyard

Most people are used to seeing the occasional animal in their backyard. A squirrel, perhaps. Maybe a raccoon or even a deer if you don’t live in the middle of a huge city. But if you live near the Florida coast, it’s apparently possible to have a shark swim right up to your back door.

Check out this video, shot at the north end of Big Hickory Island, near Bonita Springs. Condo residents are getting an unexpected surprise. From NBC-2:

But, an unexpected guest now has many residents very concerned. An 8 to 9 foot bull shark has been swimming very close to the condos that line Hickory Boulevard. Residents say it’s not the first time.

Neighbors say people are chumming — throwing bait into the water — which is causing the sharks to return. Now, they are asking the city to get involved and prohibit fishing as well as designate the area as a swimming only area.

That’s an 8-or-9 foot long shark! It may not be Jaws, but it’s still a huge animal with many sharp teeth. Time to move further inland and stay the hell out of the water!

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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