2016 American Election

Trump Supporter Arrested For Voting Twice, Claims “Polls Are Rigged”

A 55-year old woman in Iowa has been arrested and charged with voter fraud after she allegedly cast two ballots for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Terri Rote, from Des Moine, was charged with Election Misconduct, a Class D felony, for her actions. Strangely enough, she attempted to defend her actions by declaring that “the polls are rigged.”

“I wasn’t planning on doing it twice, it was spur of the moment,” says Rote, according to Iowa Public Radio. “The polls are rigged.”

Rote allegedly cast an early voting ballot for Trump, and then another at a county satellite voting location. Essentially, she mailed in an early vote and then attempted to vote a second time in person. Polk County Attorney John Sarcone said that voting fraud is incredibly rare and the safeguards that are in place to prevent it clearly work, as evidenced by Rote’s arrest.

“I think in the 25-plus years that I’ve been doing this job, this maybe the third [time] we’ve had some irregularity that’s resulted in a criminal charge,” says Sarcone. “People aren’t voting more than once. And if they do, or attempt to do it, they will get caught because there are safeguards in place….We want everybody to exercise their right to vote, but only once.”

Tore was released from jail on a $5,000 bond and scheduled to appear in court on November 7.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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