The Top 10 Coolest Offices To Work In

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Gone are the times when your place of work was just somewhere you went from 9-5, lining up at the punch-clock and watching the time tick until it’s time to go home. Now companies are creating offices that are designed specifically for the comfort and best work environment of their employees while also offering some incredible perks. Huge companies have created offices with not just a break room but a break room filled with games, toys and even nap areas and treat their employees so well they just don’t want to go home. From this list you will notice one obvious commonality–California. This seems to be where leading edge companies grow and thrive under the newest and coolest models of business management and unbelievable offices, but companies all over are adopting this new model of employee enjoyment in the workplace.

10. Acuity- Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Insurance may seem like a boring career path to some, but definitely not for those working at Acuity. The Wisconsin based company knows how to keep their employees happy, offering several perks including full tuition reimbursement and unlimited number of paid sick days for full time employees. That’s great and all but we haven’t even mentioned the fact that the office boasts a 65-foot indoor ferris wheel!

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9. Red Bull- Soho, London

The London location for top energy drink Red Bull couldn’t represent the young, vibrant people it is aimed to fuel any better. Located in the center of Soho the office is comprised of five old pubs that were not originally connected, giving it its extremely unique appeal. The company kept the pub feel with lounge like spaces instead of usual stuffy cubicles and at night the reception area turns into a bar, making it a sought-after workplace of almost every young person around.

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8. Lego- Denmark

What’s better than being a kid playing with Lego? Being an adult getting paid to play with Lego, which makes why working there would be amazing a no-brainer. As is expected, the Lego office in Denmark is not just any old office, the whole thing is filled with colourful and light designs and open spaces where anyone can just spend some time working on new things and of course playing with Lego.

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7. Riot Games- Santa Monica, California

Before 2013’s The Internship showed us all how amazing the Google campuses are, 2006’s Grandma’s Boy confirmed what many of us already thought, being a videogame developer/tester would be an epic job. Kind of like Neverland, Riot Games offices are for people who never want to grow up and dedicate their life to gaming and do so in a sweet environment. Not only are the offices futuristic with the latest technology available but they also go above and beyond for their employees with unlimited vacation and sick days and a “Play Fund” to spend $300 on other games throughout the year. In 2014 the company flew employees from several offices to Seoul, Japan where they took part in the 2014 League of Legends World Championships.

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6. AOL Headquarters- Palo Alto, California

AOL has taken a dive in standings with the rise and rapid growth of internet based companies, but have recently redone their offices and taken on new websites to re-establish themselves, and have done a really good job. Their headquarters reflect Google’s with large open game spaces including pool tables as well as lounging work spaces to get away from the cubicle feel and large kitchens to keep employees fed and happy.

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5. Big In Japan- Dallas, Texas

Big In Japan is actually located in Dallas, Texas and hit massive success with their barcode scanning app ShopSavvy and have the modern office to reflect the ever growing, modern company. Like many other tech-savvy companies, cubicles are a thing of a past, opting for more open desks and spaces for working. Play balances out work heavily with this company with decorations featuring a huge Hulk statue as well as game spaces to enjoy the likes of Fussball, Rock Band and there are also multiple TV’s for further entertainment.

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4. Corus Quay- Toronto, Canada

The home office for Corus Entertainment is massive with 500,000 square feet of building space for not only work but to also incorporate an extremely fun environment. The design brought together 1100 employees into a more open space after having been divided into 11 separate buildings previously. Now they can enjoy a five story open atrium with a three story slide in case they’re just not feeling the stairs. There’s multiple lounges, hockey rink inspired boardroom tables and of course big screen TV’s. Known as Toronto’s “smartest building”, it is also now the most fun!

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3. Twitter- San Francisco, California

As one of the most successful social media platforms in the world, it is no surprise that Twitter is a great place to work. The office includes a games room full of fun distractions when a break from work is needed and they offer an onsite fitness center as well as unlimited vacation time. The office also uses the open space concept for employees to wander and work where they feel is best and their first week is spent in “Flight School” which alone sounds awesome.

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2. Google- Everywhere

Really number two and number one on this list could be tied as Google without a doubt has one of the most amazing offices ever. Google campuses are a very real thing as shown in The Internship, as the company spent a lot of time and resources creating the ideal work environment for employees which adds just as much play as it does work in their offices all over the world. Google has some of the most creative spaces for taking a break or doing some work including aquariums, libraries, hammocks and of course slides. There are games rooms galore with basketball, video games and many others to choose from as well as onsite fitness centers. To top it off there is a ton of free food with kitchens everywhere and a rule that no employee should be more than 100 meters away from food.

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1. Facebook- Palo Alto, California

With Google hot on their heels, social media monster Facebook takes the top spot. The company used its own software to poll employees with what they would want from a work space and the results were incredible. The modern open style was once again much preferred and a large dock door opens up to a skate park not far away from an actual DJ booth just in case someone needs to work on their skills. They really went all out for their employees providing green, quiet spaces outside and relaxing large spaces indoor to catch up with co-workers and of course help run the huge company.

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