See What Happens When A Beautiful Woman Asks 100 Different Men For Sex

Here’s an interesting question: How many men would agree to sleep with a beautiful woman — a complete stranger — that had just asked them for some no-strings-attatched bedtime fun? We know what you’re thinking. Probably a lot of them. Just look at her! She’s smoking hot! Her name is Andrea, by the way, in case you cared.

Turns out that wasn’t the case. A large percentage of the men she asked turned her down. A lot of them probably had girlfriends or wives (or boyfriends or husbands), but it’s still kind of weird to have a random person ask you for some sweet love making while you’re walking down the sidewalk.

She didn’t strike out completely though. A pretty impressive total of thirty men said they were willing to hook up on a moment’s notice, despite all the obvious reasons that should be considered a bad idea.

Our favourite responses?

“That’s a great offer, but I gotta get my bike.”

“Sure, let me get some Gatorade first.”

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