Playstaytion or Xbox? Mac or PC? iPhone or Android? These are the obvious questions that plague our society. Two roommates in Tulsa, Oklahoma took the debate to the next level and ended up in the hospital as a result.

Jiaro Mendez and Elias Acevedo were treated for cuts and bruises after stabbing each other during an argument about which cellphone was better. Officers said the two were “highly intoxicated.” No shit. Sober people don’t usually stab each other with broken beer bottles just because they prefer a different gadget.

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Mendez told police Acevedo stole his vehicle. Officers found the vehicle and Acevedo nearby.

Police said the pair had been drinking in the parking lot and began using beer bottles to hit and stab at each other. EMSA took both to the hospital to be treated for what police said were non-life threatening injuries.

Officers said initially they had a hard time determining what had happened because Mendez and Acevedo spoke very little English. They said a third man was also reported drinking with the pair, but he was gone by the time police arrived.

Both were released from the hospital and somehow only one of them is being charged. Acevedo was booked on a complaint of assault with a deadly weapon.