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Police Arrest Man Speeding In DeLorean At 88mph

If you own a DeLorean, the cool-looking hunk of junk made famous in the 1985 movie Back to the Future, it’s a given that you would attempt to take it to 88mph at some point, just to see what would happen. As The Guardian reports, a 55-year-old Englishman by the name of Nigel Mills recently achieved that speed in his own DeLorean, but rather than travel back in time, he was pulled over by police for speeding.

As you may recall, 88 mph is the speed Marty McFly needs to hit in order to go back in time in Back to the Future, but according to Mills, time travel wasn’t on his mind.

“I wasn’t trying to time travel,” said Mills, who actually managed to hit a top speed of 89mph. “It was at 11 a.m. on Sunday and the road was completely clear.”

Mills says that he purchased the vehicle for £22,000 because he’s a “car fan and me and the rest of my family enjoyed the Back to the Future films.” He says that he only takes the car out a few times a year, which is probably for the best given that DeLoreans have a reputation for breaking down.

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Fortunately, it looks like Back to the Future fans who never had a chance to open up the throttle and try to travel through time will have another chance at acquiring one of the highly sought after cars, as DeLoreans are set to go back into production soon. DeLorean Motor Company CEO Stephen Wynne plans to make 300 more of the 1982 models, which will be put on sale for less than $100,000. What a bargain!

(Source: The Guardian)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)