Overacting Moments In Infomercials

Because we all know how hard it is to use a pesky tape measure…and don’t even get us started on butt odor! Check out these over-the-top, cheesy-ridiculous (and totally hilarious) moments from some of the silliest infomercials you’ve ever seen:

Ugh, I hate when all my hot dogs fall off the grill…such a waste.

What exactly was in this lady’s cupboard? Styrofoam packaging? Hundreds of loose marshmallows?

Ok, this one we can almost sympathize with…although usually elastics only rip out a few strands of hair rather than what looks like the tail of a small rodent as shown here.

We’re not sure what these kids are worried about more: spilling soda and ruining their homework or the beating they’re going to receive from their neat-freak mother.

Here’s a solution: don’t leave your detergent and softener on the edge of your washer. Also, trying using your hands instead of your elbow. We were given them for a reason.

Yes, soap bottles can be slippery…to avoid splash back don’t hold the bottle 4 feet above the sink.

So many questions arise from this one…what is butt odor? Why is this guy’s face so close to the other man’s butt? Why isn’t he wearing a belt? Why isn’t this man showering? Just WHY?!

If you give your kid a haircut and only shave down the middle, you’re an evil parent.

Tape measures can be tricky on your own, you’d better get help or you might fall over too.

Come on man, you’re not even trying here.



Laura Gooyers

Laura Gooyers

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