Mark Hamill Reads Donald Trump Tweet In The Voice Of The Joker

Donald Trump’s tweets are pretty much the butt of every internet joke at this point and from a certain perspective, they read like the musings of a comic book supervillain. Comedian Matt Oswalt made this observation in response to Trump’s tweet on New Year’s Eve, arguing that it sounded more like a threat from the Joker than something the future President of the United States would say:

Ever the good sport, actor Mark Hamill, known for his incredible Joker voiceover work, took it upon himself to read the entirety of Trump’s tweet as the Joker and the results are arguably the first great thing 2017 has given us:

Hamill’s labelling of his work as “The Trumpster quote #1” suggests that he intends to perform more of Trump’s tweets in the styling of the Clown Prince of Crime. If so, we can’t wait to hear what President Joker says next!

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)