WATCH: Local News Station Hilariously Fakes a Car Accident For Crosswalk Story

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYwr9ornkOw Via YouTube

Look, sometimes doing local news is tough. The term “slow news day” exists for a reason. Still, this is a pretty shameful attempt at filling those minutes.

Utah’s Fox 13 was doing a report about a particularly dangerous crosswalk, one that they claim is consistently ignored by drivers. Fine, that’s a decent (if not a bit boring) local news story that could be important to people who live there.

However, to make the story more sensational, they included a clip of a teenage girl almost getting hit by a car at said crosswalk, that just so coincidentally happened while they were on-site. It’s hard to describe exactly how cheesy the clip is, so we won’t bother. Just watch it for yourself.


“Leslie Thomas was so shaken up, she collapsed.”

If by “collapsed”, you mean that she almost walked into the side of a stopped vehicle in this painfully obvious choreographed situation and then took eight steps backwards before pretending to trip on the curb and then popping right back up to her feet, then yes, she totally collapsed.

Slow news day, indeed.