Havard Employee Spends $80K of School Money on iPads and Legos

An employee of Havard University has been arrested and charged with stealing around $80,000 from the school and spending it, well, toys.

Shawn Bunn, 44, is a former computer lab manager and was an employee of Harvard for 17 years. He has a school-issued credit card that was supposed to be used for buying things he actually needed for his job. Instead he was apparently spending it on Lego sets and iPads. Havard University Police raided his home, finding the toys, along with multiple televisions, a table saw, and a new garbage disposal.

Bunn’s actions were discovered after the Harvard Risk Management and Audit Services Department conducted a review of its finances earlier this year. Multiple inconsistencies were found, eventually leading back to Bunn. The district attorney’s office said that they believe the purchases go back as far as four years. That’s a lot of Legos!

If you’re wondering why Bunn’s plans to stock his house with cool stuff wasn’t found out earlier, it’s because he was falsifying receipts and expense documents to make it look like the money was spent legitimately. Obviously, many of the items Bunn claimed to have bought for his department were no where to be found during the review.

District Attorney Marian Ryan said in a statement:

“This is a breach of trust by a school employee. Over a period of four years, the defendant is alleged to have made personal purchases in excess of $80,000 therefore diverting resources from the students and faculty of Harvard University.”

Legos: now a more expensive habit than drugs.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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