‘Ghost On The Subway’ Prank Would Scare The Crap Out Of You

If you ever take the subway in a major city, you are probably well aware that things can get a little crazy. Especially after dark. There’s always at least one drunken rider doing something weird – beat boxing out loud, vomiting on your shoes, or masturbating in a corner. Yes, the subway is a grand old place.

In an effort to make a ride on the subway go from somewhat inconvenient and slightly gross to downright serial-killer-skinning-you-alive horrifying, Brazilian show Programma Silvio Santos decided to play a prank on unsuspecting riders. Basically, they places hidden cameras everywhere and had ghastly looking young woman appear out of nowhere holding a baby doll.

As if the late night ghost sighting wasn’t terrifying enough, the “ghost” then lets out a blood curdling scream. Too bad for the passengers the doors are locked. The look on their faces when they think their soul is about to be devoured by some hellspawn is great entertainment!

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