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Charlotte Tops Annual PWI 50 As Top Female Wrestler In The World

A 14-match PPV singles winning streak and three WWE Women’s Title reigns was more than enough to catapult Charlotte Flair to the top of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated list of the 50 best women’s wrestlers in the world for 2016. Just like the PWI 500, the list is mostly determined through wins and losses, but does take into account other factors as well. The list is almost purely kayfabe, and hilariously slanted towards WWE (since it’s the largest promotion with the most matches seen by the biggest group of people) but it’s fun to argue about, so have at it!

1. Charlotte Flair
2. Sasha Banks
3. Asuka
4. Becky Lynch
5. Bayley
6. Jade
7. Natalya
8. Gail Kim
9. Sexy Star
10. Sienna
11. Ivelisse
12. Madison Eagles
13. Nicole Savoy
14. Rosemary
15. Allie
16. Nicole Matthews
17. Kimber Lee
18. Candice Lerae
19. Paige
20. Heidi Lovelace
21. Evie
22. Cheerleader Melissa
23. Nia Jax
24. Santana Garrett
25. Naomi
26. Dana Brooke
27. Madison Rayne
28. Kay Lee Ray
29. Alexa Bliss
30. Lufisto
31. Amber Gallows
32. Marti Bell
33. Emma
34. Taylor Made
35. Vanessa Kraven
36. Su Yung
37. Ember Moon
38. Tessa Blanchard
39. Jessica Havok
40. Shayna Baszler
41. Crazy Mary Dobson
42. Malia Hosaka
43. Thunder Rosa
44. Carmella
45. KC Spinelli
46. Veda Scott
47. Jessica James
48. Xandra Bale
49. Kaitlin Diamond
50. Eva Marie

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle is an avid wrestling and film fan. He's been writing about WWE, movies, and video games for Goliath since 2015.