If you’re a fan of video games and science fiction movies, chances are you’ve seen your fare share of futuristic alien weaponry used to blast holes in starships and take out swarms of evil demon creatures. And though you might be content to simply appreciate these weapons on a purely superficial basis because you know they’re not real and probably never will be, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to tell you a little more about them anyways. So grab your lightsabers and fire up your chainsaw bayonets, here are nine fascinating tidbits about fictional weapons.

9. Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver Can Hit Targets From Miles Away

The standard issue firearm for all the Judges of Mega-City One, the Lawgiver is capable of firing a variety of ammunition types ranging from high impact armor piercing rounds that can blow through multiple targets with a single shot, to exorcist rounds that are specially designed for taking down supernatural criminals like werewolves and ghosts — because even the dead can’t escape Dredd.

According to the information given on the Judge Dredd Wiki page, the Lawgiver has an effective range of up to five kilometers. Meaning that Dredd could pass an execution sentence from blocks away if the need calls for it. The weapon’s absurd range is one of the reasons why it’s programmed to detonate if anyone but the appointed Judge gets their hands on it. Not a bad form of gun control when you think about it.

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8. RoboCop’s Auto 9 Required a Lot of Paperwork to be Used in the Movie

Similar to the Lawgiver, the Auto 9 can utilize various ammo types to help RoboCop neutralize all the aggressive criminals on the mean streets of Detroit. If you’ve seen the original movie, you’ll probably remember it from the scene where RoboCop used it to blow the balls off of a would-be rapist.

Surprisingly, that gun was almost never in the movie. Originally, the script called for RoboCop to use a regular Desert Eagle .50. Sure, that gun looks like a canon in any normal person’s hands, but when Peter Weller tried holding it in the RoboCop getup, it looked laughably unintimidating, so the prop department had to find a bigger gun and came up with the Auto 9.

Basically, the Auto 9 is a heavily modified Beretta 93R, which is a handgun capable of automatic fire, much like a machine gun. The only problem was that owning guns like this is illegal in the U.S. so customs officials were extremely suspicious when the production team attempted to bring one into the country. Needless to say, they had to fill out a whole lot of paperwork to use it for the movie.

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Via ComicVine

7. That Old Pistol From the End of Predator 2 Once Belonged to Pirate

At the end of Predator 2, Danny Glover’s character manages to single-handedly kill the Predator who has been terrorizing Los Angeles. In recognition of this extremely badass accomplishment, the honorable race of Predators gift him with an old fintlock pistol that appears to be from the year 1715.

Well after the film’s release, when asked about the gun’s significance, the writers revealed that, the pistol was meant to confirm that the Predator race had been hunting humans for sport for centuries. The original intention was that this would set the stage for another Predator sequel that would be set in the past but, as we all now know, a direct sequel to Predator 2 never materialized. So it was never revealed on screen where the pistol actually came from or what it’s significance was to the Predator who carried it. However, thanks to a comic book side story, it was explained that the pistol once belonged to a pirate captain named Raphael Adolini who managed to fight off his mutinous crew and earn the respect of the same Predator that hands it to Glover’s character more than 250 years later.

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Via docuniverse.blogspot.ca

6. Predator Self-Destruct Devices and Wrist Blades can Never be Removed

Speaking of Predators, they’re known for carrying around some pretty kickass alien weaponry. And although the various movies, comics and video games show that each individual Predator is somewhat unique in the weapons they choose to take on a hunt, there appear to be a few compulsory weapons that absolutely no Predator can leave home without. Most notable are their retractable wrist blades which are on display in pretty well every piece of Predator media ever published. Not much is revealed as to why these blades are so essential to the Predators (maybe it’s just really handy to have a can opener on you at all times on their homeworld), but it’s been established that they’re somehow attached to the Predator’s arms in such a way that they can never be removed, and the same is true for the self-destruct gauntlet they wear. Apparently they are surgically fused with their nervous system so that if they were to be removed, it would kill them in the process. We suppose it makes sense that race of technologically advanced super hunters would develop some way of never being unarmed.

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Via iearths.blogspot.ca

5. The BFG9000 From Doom is Actually Super Complicated

Whether you call it the Bio Force Gun or the Big F*****g Gun, the BFG is a staple of the DOOM series and recognized for being the most devastating firearm mankind has ever known. With the BFG at your disposal, you can blow away hordes of nightmarish hell-spawned creatures as if they were dead leaves. But the way the gun operates is actually much more complex than you might realize. After pulling the trigger, a green and white plasma orb of plasma energy is ejected which explodes once it hits something and disintegrates everything around it. Though it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the game manual, after the orb is fired, 40 tracer lasers are emitted by the player in a cone-shaped area aimed in the direction the weapon was fired. This is why the BFG is still capable of taking out tough-to-kill cyberdemons and spiderdemos, which are immune to blast damage. Also, because the BFG projectile doesn’t cause standard blast damage, it’s safe for the player to fire at point-blank range, which is often the best way to use it against bigger monsters.

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Via gameskinny.com

4. The Lancer From Gears of War Can Permanently Blind Users

It might not be quite as iconic as the BFG but the Lancer from the Gears of War game series has certainly carved it’s way into a lot of gamer’s hearts. And what’s not to love? It’s a futuristic assault rifle with a chainsaw built in to it.

Although the Gears of War games have typically been pretty thin on the narrative side, a series of companion novels were written that actually do a pretty great job of fleshing out the universe where all the frantic action takes place. One of the more interesting little giblets of information we gleaned came from the book Gears of War: Aspho Fields. In it, it’s explained that the Lancer’s chainsaw bayonet is so high-powered that when it’s put to use (you know. . . by cutting someone in half) bone fragments from the victim can fly off at high speeds and lodge themselves in the user’s eyes, permanently blinding them in the most gruesome way imaginable. The book also notes that this is why nearly all the soldiers in the Gears of War universe wear protective goggles like Baird — although he never actually seems wear them over his eyes for some reason.

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Via kotaku.com.au

3. Nobody Knows The Ultimate Fate of the Elder Wand from Harry Potter

For anyone who hasn’t read all of the Harry Potter books and supplementary literary material. the Elder Wand was supposedly crafted by Death himself and is rumoured to be unstoppable force in the hands of a talented wizard. According to Harry Potter lore, ownership of the wand can only pass from one person to another after after the current owner is either defeated in a duel or stabbed to death in their sleep. This is apparently how the wand has been transferred to dozens of powerful wizards throughout time, but it has never been properly established what will happen to it once Harry, the current owner, dies.

At the end of the last Harry Potter movie, Harry breaks the wand and tosses it down a ravine. But in the books he it leaves the wand to rest in Dumbledore’s tomb. Since the wand can only be claimed by someone who has killed or bested the previous owner in a duel, many fans speculate that it will lose all its magic if Harry simply dies of natural causes. Others hypothesize that the wand will commit some sort of sorcerous seppuku and self-destruct in a catastrophic magical explosion if it isn’t passed through one of the aforementioned methods. Either way, Harry should probably sleep with one eye open for the rest of his life.

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Via harrypotter.wikia.com

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator 2 Shotgun Nearly Broke His Hand

Despite what some movies might have you believe, a shotgun is not a single-handed weapon. Unless, of course, you’re a Terminator. In that case, not only should you be able to fire a sawed-off shotgun single-handed while riding a motorcycle, but you should also be able to cock it again with the simple flick of the wrist — just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2.

Though Schwarzenegger makes that manoeuvre look effortless in the movie, it’s almost impossible to pull off in real life. As James Cameron states in the DVD’s director’s commentary, to make the flip-reload action seen in the film possible, the lever loop of the shotgun used, a Winchester Model 1887, was lengthened considerably and weights were added along the length of the gun’s frame. And even then, Schwarzenegger had to spend weeks practicing with the prop to make the movement look as effortless as possible.

If no modifications were made, cocking the shotgun in such a manner could easily break a man’s fingers, which is exactly what almost happened to Schwarzenegger when he accidentally picked up a standard issue 1887 during filming. Apparently the seven-time Mr. Olympia champion attempted the action he’d rehearsed a thousand times with the real gun and the lever snapped shut with such force that it nearly crushed every bone in his hand. Luckily he was immediately rushed to hospital and all is cost them was a day of shooting.

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Via thewolf.ca

1. Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber Was Likely Designed That Way to Highlight His Lack of Skill

When Kylon Ren first illuminated his cross-guarded lightsaber in the initial Force Awakens trailer, the internet completely lost its collective sh*t. But the answer to why Ren’s lightsaber has an unorthodox hilt was previously revealed in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. According to Wookieepedia, the lightsaber is based on an ancient Sith design and contains a cracked Kyber crystal that is so unstable that it necessitates lateral vents in order to divert the extra heat produced by the crystal to either side of the hilt. It also gives the weapon’s red plasma a serrated appearance.

A closer examination of the lightsaber shows it to be much more crude-looking than other lightsabers in the series. It also crackles and seems highly volatile, which could be indicative of Ren’s status as an unproven Sith warrior and how he has yet to fully embrace the dark side. So perhaps it wasn’t just a cheap gimmick Disney came up with to sell more lightsaber toys.

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Via ScreenRant.com